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Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Akemi Homura

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This thread appears to be a forum game, or something spammy of the sort. Thus, it has been sentenced to Cloudsdale Colosseum.


This is an automatically generated message, by the way.

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I was going to post something witty but then I realize there was no point in shooting myself in the foot (or knee for that matter) by having something any wittier than a self-referencing meta humour jibe at the nature of threads that consist of examining French-sourced polysyllabic words and witticisms built thereon.


If you don't like me detailing myself thus,

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But wait...


If Mayonaise is not an instrument, can we really just assume that Scootaloo is a chicken, Sweetie Belle is a dictionary, Rainbow Dash is Spike, Spike is the New Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy was New Fluttershy but is now Old Fluttershy (who is actually a tree), Rainbow Dash's pet is like a bullet named Tank, Pinkie Pie isn't a genius (because she's a chicken, but not Scootaloo) but Apple Pie is Sweetie Belle and Rarity who have stopped being unsisters (which is different from Big Brother Best Friends Forever, which does not necessarily overlap with Big Macintosh)?

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