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  1. Pokemon and Avatar The Last Airbender. But everyone in my country have watched those, for less known animes it would be Death note which i started watching a month ago Yup im not really into anime
  2. Pokemon mystery dungeon: Explorers of time/sky SPOILERS when you suddenly have to turn back to human and leave your friend, so touching.. END OF SPOILER and the game "to the moon"
  3. Runescape, which was my favourite childhood game, I've learned english because of that game and was the cause that english classes were boring as f. My 'Adventurers Log' tells me Ive played 423 days which is 10368 hours. Ive played it since I was 7 and ended when I was 13. Then played wow for a year and when I turned 14 I started playing League and actually got a bit of a life, Im still 14 and played league for 9 months. So thats about 13k hours in total. Did I win?
  4. Well then, I play League of Legends too with 7 other friends from WoW, and one irl friend. They all started playing league wayy before me but Im better than them xD they dont know how to become better in the game. i always duo queue with a gold 2 friend to balance the skills in the team (Ive been put in silver 5). I main mid, my best champ is ryze because I like spell rotations because Im used to it (I had a frostmage on WoW). I always go 9/0/21 with masteries because of the spellvamp and the movementspeed. And my quints are movement speed also. I do that so I can easily dodge skillshots, kite enemies and easily escaping ganks which results in countering my counters, and almost always winning lanes. I build my early game to have as much hp a possible which is very OP, later on I build the ruby crystal into rod of ages. And I build ryze to have as much mana and health as possible PLUS frozen heart and some mr if needed for them tankiness and damagessssss. i turn my tear of goddess into archangel staff for if kiting or dodging goes wrong. Mostly I build a 20% spellvamp book with it to stack sv with my ult, archangel and so much spelvamp hasgiven me so many epic plays, like 2v5 ing and winning with only 200 hp. Which resulted me into allmost crying or running around the house. My skills are skyrocketing, ive started in september 2012 and Im already better than some if not most platinum players, probably because Im trying and trying to be better with advices helping from proffesionals. not to brag but in 4 years I become 18 and I can see myself in challenger lol That sums up my carreer of a league player playing mid ryze If you want to add me, just leave a PM. Im on EUW. ill be back from spain on tuesday though.
  5. Runescape (still play it sometimes) Spiderman 2 for the PC, ahhh good times playing that with my friends. Tony hawk pro skater (or something like that) for playstation 1 or 2 idk, probably 1 thats all that I can think Of for now.
  6. -bronies -equestria girls (I looked forward for this, Im actually confused why there was so much hate) -spaghetti with ketchup -Raw minced meat (I dont know if its bad for me, only know raw chicken is bad) -i dont mind gay people (it seems everyOne hates them)
  7. I dont like chocolate that much, everyone says its soooooo tasty but I think its really overrated. Also tomatoes, lettuce, eggs and mushrooms. EDIT: Oh and olives, how could I forget those...
  8. Me and my 2 friends were playing GTA 4 untill like 5 am, and one friend fell asleep (he never stays up late) and suddenly he said. "Okay in which direction are we going, to the left, straight ahead or to the right?" and he said this with moving arms. So we burst out laughing and then he sat right up and he said "what the f---?" so we thought he woke up.... But he didnt, lol. So we had a conversation with him for 10 minutes which didnt make sense at all and we couldnt stop laughing. Then he woke up asking why we were laughing. It was a good night lol.
  9. Pretty much only for my looks, in elementary and middle I was kinda fat but not obese. It made me convince myself I was fat and I started working out, since then never been picked on because I was muscular plus Im really tall for my age (6'3" and Im 14 years, probably because dutch people are really tall)
  10. I know what youre talking about! I thought I have been the only one with this! Lol what a relief. Im actually doing it right now, it feels good but I have a.slightt pain with it. When i had a loose teeth i used to force the teeth into the gum or pressing really hard on it. Sometimes i even almost passed out because of the feeling (sometimes felt better than orgasm, shh). I dont have pleasure of any other "pain" than that though
  11. I pretty much never have been bullied (aside from being teased friendly) and had plenty of friends all the way through my school carreer and I still go to school with a smile on my face Weird because I am really shy when it gets to meeting new people and Ive been told its a target for bullies, plus, since I skipped a grade, Im atleast a year younger than everybody else. Oh I love living in Holland, bullying gets more rare over the years around here. I hate being shy though ._. But I heard chicks dig it XD so thats a plus
  12. Turned 2 best friends into bronies by watching an mlp episode with them, And im lucky i live in the netherlands and have a good life
  13. USA, I live in the Netherlands right now. Reason being I've done a 4 week trip in USA on the west coast, went through 8 states and it was the most fun experience in my life . best city would be either Los Angelos, San Francisco, Salt Lake City or Seattle. Cant choose, probably san francisco
  14. I guess swedish meatballs with tomato sauce is the best that I can make, probably the tastiest stuff I have ever eaten , or babi pangang with rice. I do love cooking myselfl. I started cooking when I was 10 because my mother was sick and she asked me to cook spaghetti for her, since then I loved cooking and started doing it about 5 days per week.
  15. I made someone like it The story went like this: Me and my 2 friends were walking around the camping, they know about the show since they spend alot of time on the internet. Suddenly I said "Lets watch MLP in the tent before we go to sleep." They both said Ok. So we were a bit tipsy, and we watched the first episode. And ofcourse, because of the cliffhanger we watched the second episode. the first friend fell asleep when we were watching the second episode. The second one kept watching it. Then we went to sleep, and guess what. I woke up seeing my second friend watch the third episode. I'm so proud of him