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  1. I just wanted to ask everyone this question as all I ever see is complete love and adoration for this background pony. I don't know exactly why I loathe this pony so much but I just think that there is no purpose for this pony. She doesn't do anything or teach people about anything and the only thing I really know about Derpy is that she's very uneducated or just plain ditsy. If anyone could actually tell me what Derpy Hooves is all about then I'd be grateful because this is one pony I really don't understand the point of. EDIT: Changed the poll to read 'dislike' instead of 'hate' because I agree that hate is way too strong of a word to use.
  2. MLPForums Phanact

    First Kiss

    How many of you guys have had your first kisses? Did you enjoy it or hate it or do you regret it now or wish it could be with someone else? I had mine quite young and I don't regret it but I do wish I'd kept myself completely pure until I got married.
  3. MLPForums Phanact

    Since when did Being a Member Turn into a Popularity Contest?

    I care about letting my friends know that I think they're great. My favourite members are everyone on my friends list, I've said that in a few threads. People are seeing these topics in the wrong light. Some members are going to be popular than others. I've got more profile views than people with 3,000 posts because I say things that are controversial and I post slut-selfies all the time. If you (you meaning everyone who is crying, not you specifically) wanna be more popular, do something controversial or something that breaks the mould instead of just complaining that the members who post better content than you are more popular.
  4. MLPForums Phanact

    Fedora Shaming Is Getting Boring and Obnoxious.

    You know what is else is boring and obnoxious? People wearing fedoras.
  5. MLPForums Phanact

    Naming your child after a character on the show.

    If you conciously choose to name your child after a character on the show then you don't deserve to have children. It's the most idiotic and reckless thing to do, with half the names you're just asking for your child to be bullied and ridiculed. Don't be an idiot when naming your child.
  6. MLPForums Phanact

    Gaming What stuff do you use for gaming?

    AMD drivers are FAR better than NVIDIA's. They are updated much more often as well. The last 4 updates for NVIDIA drivers have included 0 performance improvements. I have a 770 and it's a pain in the ass.
  7. MLPForums Phanact

    Who's your favorite member?

    My favourite members are all the ones on my friends list but a special shoutout to @ cause she's been my bestie for ages now
  8. MLPForums Phanact

    Gaming What stuff do you use for gaming?

    I was but I realised how much cheaper they are yet just as high quality. I can't wait to get my 290X, I'm just waiting for the one I want to be back in stock :3
  9. MLPForums Phanact

    What is your Electric Chair meal?

    The worlds largest bowl of tempura shrimp or southern fried chicken I love fried food (;
  10. MLPForums Phanact

    10 facts about your room

    I have my Piano in my room I clean it from top to bottom every single day I always have two comforters cause I like getting between them both I throw anything I don't use on a daily basis away no matter the sentimentality or value that it holds I have a big window and I sometimes sit on the window ledge at night and just stare out There are way too many gadgets and tech stuff in my room, at night it literally glows blue because of all the screens. I keep my room incredibly silent. I have a lot of soundproofing material on the walls and all over my PC's as quietness is something I strive for My room is Cream and Black in colour theme I have a wood floor as they're much more hygienic than carpets There's a big double/queen sized bed in my room that I always sprawl out entirely across at night
  11. MLPForums Phanact

    Your Opinions on Facial Hair

    If it's a full beard then yes, I'm all for guys with a full beard. When it's just a moustache or a patch or stuff like that, I hate it. Either go for it all or don't do it at all.
  12. MLPForums Phanact

    Glasses/Contact Lenses

    I hate contact lenses. I've put them in my eyes inside out and its the worst feeling in the world which makes me panic. I love my big lensed glasses #skrillenses
  13. MLPForums Phanact

    First Kiss

    I've been away from this topic for a while but it's interesting to see that it is almost a 50/50 split in the members who have voted!
  14. MLPForums Phanact

    Daring talks about: Why he loves Windows Phone

    I cannot wait to get rid of my iPhone 5. It's the slowest, buggiest piece of sh*t I've ever owned. I'm going to purchase the Motorola G outright as I can then get a SIM only contract for $20 which has unlimited internet and texts and its 1/3 of what I'm paying for my contract now.
  15. MLPForums Phanact

    Movies/TV Do you people have a crush on a famous actors?

    This beautiful elf is my crush I love Orlando Bloom!
  16. MLPForums Phanact

    Can you play the piano?

    I can play the piano quite well. I've been playing for about 7 years now and it is by far the easiest instrument to learn ever for any beginners
  17. MLPForums Phanact

    How someone can see were you live if your are not careful.

    This is just typical EXIF data. People should be made more aware that this is happening and the risks of uploading photo's where the EXIF data remains intact.
  18. MLPForums Phanact

    Brony Youtubers

    AHHHHH You're so adorable! Also, nice laptop Loving that Alienware!
  19. MLPForums Phanact

    Should FIM do a crossover with fifty shades of grey?

    o_o Am I the only person that thinks if this was done with really good animation then it'd be awesome?
  20. MLPForums Phanact

    Who likes Monstercat wubs?

    Krewella is epic! I'm gonna listen to Surge now This is my favourite song of all time from Monstercat
  21. MLPForums Phanact

    Who Are Your Best Friends On The Forums?

    WOO I'd say , @Kyoshi and are my favourite members.
  22. MLPForums Phanact

    Who's your favorite member?

    All my love goes to my best friend and my boyfriend, @Kyoshi
  23. MLPForums Phanact

    Who likes Monstercat wubs?

    I love Monstercat! Stephen Walking is my favourite artist in their roster.
  24. MLPForums Phanact

    Which Country or place would you like to visit?

    I really want to visit Pripyat in Ukraine. I've always had a weird obsession with Chernobyl, Pripyat and nuclear related topics.