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  1. I'd say at Keep Calm and Flutter On. Here's the thing that bothers me, though - even after that, everyone but Fluttershy still treats him like trash. After that, every time we encounter him, he's been nothing but helpful, even if it is in a really annoying {to experience, at least}, roundabout way. Instead, everyone automatically assumes he's out to screw things up for everyone like nothing's changed. So even by the time we hit Twilight's Kingdom, his entire reformation is perched on the rickety pillar of Fluttershy's friendship. Hell, the entire Smooze situation would have been avoided too if anyone else had bothered to befriend him.
  2. Has anyone tried a series of Twilight Zone-like one-shots? Take a premise, let people run with it, then add a secret twist and see how it ends up?
  3. Nope, free-for-all. Hey Shadow, can you tell me where your character is right now? I might whip up a quick alt to interact with him. Has he been in Ponyville long? Basically, what would your average Ponyvillian know of him?
  4. Ah, outside my area then. Sorry.
  5. What country/area are we talking here?
  6. Same, this is news to me. Then again, this is how memes are made or failed. People asking about them. But to me, it doesn't really click.
  7. At least it had the hilariously Scandinavian-sounding guy. The writing was kinda needlessly convoluted, though.
  8. Made my first roleplaying post in years. Time to dust off the good old crutch, the self-insert.

  9. [the OOC went thattaway ->] It wasn't exactly the most graceful landing he ever had. But then again, grace was never his strong point. Quinch hit the ground head-first, something that would have snapped his neck in an instant if it weren't for what he was wearing. Instead, the collar went rigid, followed a fraction of an instant by the rest of the suit, and his entire body smashed its weight onto his shoulders as he bounced, literally, like a doll across the dirt. He got to his feet almost immediately, ignoring the protests of his much-abused body. The protests of his brain, on the other hand, got his attention quickly. He was outside. That was a problem. Moments ago he was underground, surrounded by Oranbegan sorcerers. He was towing a load of reprobates on a lead from Azuria about the Seventh Circlet of Hel {in the hands of the Circle of Thorns, but of course}; he couldn't recruit any support, but having half a dozen fire-slinging, gun-toting, wind-bagging idiots and their associated superpowers usually did the job when he could keep their collective attention spans away from anything shiny. This, he thought, is what I did wrong. He'd stepped into the cavernous hall, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, still the best way of getting most villains' attention, and prepared himself for the inevitable barrage of fire that usually distracted the wizards from the deranged kindergarten behind him. But this time, it never came. There was a... blip. Let's call it a blip, the sensations behind magic usually needed adjectives that he never bothered to learn, and then there was this. And also grass. Green, vividly so, none of that junk you'd see around Paragon City that he suspected was probably half-plastic somehow. Teleportation, probably, by his guess he was miles, at the very least, from Paragon. At worst, well, he could hopefully at least speak the language, provided it was English. The mission was a wash, then. Probably was from the start, at this rate he figured Azuria sent him into a trap. Again. He briefly considered giving her a piece of his mind when he got back to city hall, but she'd probably lose that too. He refocused on his surroundings. He heard songbirds through the speakers in his helmet. Definitely out of Paragon city limits, and the lack of rock anthills and ambulatory crystal formations charging him meant he wasn't in Hamidon territory either. There was a treeline about half a click ahead, and smoke - zoom in - definitely smoke past that. His eyes followed invisible lines ahead of him, tracing a pattern of what was basically an eyeball unlock pattern. The HUD on the inside of his visor sprang to life - lifesigns, radar, the usuals. "Adolf," he said, "Run environmental analysis. Activate perimeter alerts." He started walking toward the trees. Smoke meant people, usually. People meant food, shelter and answers to questions like "where am I?", "is there a bar in town?" and "How much for a ticket to Rhode Island?" "And play me some music, please."
  10. If you don't like it, you have a month to roll back to Windows 8.
  11. [<- the thread went thissaway] This is the first time I've made a roleplaying thread {or even roleplayed} in a loooong time so a} bear with me through all the stumbling and b} why yes, I would love to hear any advice you have. It's a pretty simple premise. Present day, present time {hahaha, etc.} in Ponyville. For reasons unexplained, creatures {that is you, unless it isn't} from other worlds start popping up around town. Maybe it's portals, maybe it's magic, there's no specific reason, the reason you're there is entirely up to you. Unless the reason you're there is because you're a pony who's been living here in Equestria all your life and suddenly there's all these weirdos around. The Rules: This is basically just a casual social/light adventure gig. There's no specific goal to it other than to just have fun together, but if you want to make a goal or create a crisis or suddenly a monster for your character and anyone who wants to tag along then hey, don't let me stop you. No violence. Okay, maybe a little violence. Or a lot. Sort of. Conditionally, kinda. Cartoon violence is cool, actual violence less so. Basically, if there's any amount of blood, someone's probably gone too far, whereas being flattened, exploded or turned into a pretzel is hilarious. No changing the pony civilization single-handedly. Think of it as a kind of prime directive kind of thing. If you have advanced technology, or special magic or some weird meaty mumbo jumbo, it's confined to you, you can't suddenly mass-produce it. After all, it's a magical world filled with multicolored equines that follows its own rules of physics and biology, you're lucky it even has oxygen. Probably. I don't think it's ever actually been specifically mentioned. Maybe everyone breathes neon. And finally, less of a rule and more as a general suggestion, try to keep the activities in Ponyville and surrounding area, just for simplicity's sake. Edit: Also, be as wordy or as short as you want to be. It's your show. So, in short, take a character you feel like {also mods, a question, what if someone wants to play a copyrighted non-MLP character? Is that okay or a no-no?}, drop them in Ponyville, have fun. But now I need to go to bed, I'll start the actual RP thread in the morning. In the meantime, I'm open to additional suggestions!
  12. Well, I couldn't stand EqG, Rainbow Rocks was kinda okay, I guess if the upwards trend keeps, it might actually be good?
  13. Quinch


  14. Take the money. Even if I didn't keep it for myself {which I likely would, mortgages don't pay themselves}, you can do a lot of charity with that amount.
  15. Probably Applejack. I respect her hardworking nature, plus helping out at the farm would be a good way to earn my keep. In addition, her honesty would ensure that any conflict we might have end up in the open quickly without unnecessary BS. The only downside that I can think of is that I can't relate to the whole caring about family thing, but since that's based more on a lack of empathy than disagreement, it probably wouldn't be a problem.
  16. To me, it's a toss-up between Ponyville Confidential and Spike At Your Service. Cringeworthy, I can sometimes handle. Predictable from two minutes in, ditto. But I can't handle the combination of both.
  17. It's kind of a broad stroke, but for me, it's being perfunctorily special. Alicorns are the most common trope, but there's also just random hybrid mashes. There's nothing wrong with having a character that stands out of the crowd, by all means, but in order to go that route and still be taken seriously, one requires justification, or at least history. In order to be special, one must have become special, either through deed or circumstance, and it's up to the creator to create a compelling backstory.
  18. Who would I want it to be, who would be most fitting....? It's kind of a vague question, I have to say.
  19. Headphones at home, for comfort and quality. Earbuds outside, for portability and situational awareness.
  20. Heh, I just might. Nothing to lose but my dignity, eh?
  21. Try to address the situation systematically. First, ask why the dislike, both her and her friends. Even if they don't give me the answer, there are usually things to be deduced from any kind of answer. If the reason is given, and valid, decide whether or not it's better to try and change that trait about myself or deal with it and sever all ties with the person. If no reason is given, check with their friends whether or not that behavior is characteristic for them, given the possibility of circumstances outside my knowledge. If yes, goto 20. If not, raise the possibility of identity theft, mind control, coercion or other harmful circumstances and take it from there.
  22. Gotcha. Is there a quick way to tell which threads allow for such characters, or check them out one by one?
  23. As far as I can tell, it was a combination of good animation, funny writing and a character that was just silly enough to be believable. Also his mom, although the only secondary character, did a pretty good job of portraying a "cool adult" archetype.
  24. Sorry if this is the wrong section or a dumb question, but are there any overall rules regarding humans in Equestria, being either from this Earth or alternate ones? Are there any casual/social threads that involve them?
  25. Personally, I fall under the dislike category. As far as I can tell, she's the most liked {least disliked?} due to her apparent airheadedness, but that seems to carry an assumption that a person can't be both ditzy and malevolent which is far from true, and lacking distractions she cheerfully falls in line with the other two's schemes for domination.