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  1. It's been forever since I've seen Happy Tree Friends, but it sounds like a horrifying proposition. Color me interested.
  2. The same way she gets away with everything. Like a boss.
  3. I have at least one fan in every room.
  4. So it's not enough to just be interested in one of the positions? You have to be... Skyped about it? {runs away cackling}
  5. Hi there, and welcome to the forum. For your welcome question.... let's see. What's your favorite ship, and what's your weirdest ship?
  6. @@Blitz Boom, if memory serves, the board automatically saves a draft of a post for a little while. Go to the reply page to the thread, wait a minute or so and see if the option shows up at the bottom of the field. Or something. It's been a while.
  7. @Seamore Sandwich, @GingerLightning, @Quinch, @Lonk Chase, @SugarfootWillie, @Melke, @Denim&Venom, @Mentis Soliloquy Quinch looked up at the towering monster. This was frustrating. He couldn't teleport, fine. No mediport network, that was an issue - he had no idea what the medical technology was like here, and he'd rather not risk actually dying in some backwater dimension. Or any other, for that matter. He looked up past the swaying black mass, at the glowing green trails of what he assumed to be venom on what he assumed to be its arm. Taking off from a crouch, charging his gauntlets and really, really hoping actual prolonged contact doesn't screw him over, he beelined at the spot. "Hit it with all you've got!" he yelled at anyone who could hear him. Support would have been nice, even a weather controller to try and help deal with the wind. He briefly wondered what a flamethrower would have done to this thing. "Hit it, blast it, throw goddamned rocks, hell, call it mean names if you have to! Just bring it down!" He held down like a deranged dog, arms and legs on the glowing green veins, electricity coursing through the suit, hopefully enough to leave an opening for... god, someone.
  8. My initial thought was hell yes. Then I remembered, it wouldn't make a difference - my country's problem isn't the laws, but their oh-so-selective application.
  9. Yes. I've watched every single episode of MLP:FIM in a single sitting. That was, uh, before Season 2.
  10. You bet your booty. Odds are they'd be able to develop them better than me, bragging rights for the origin idea and hey, a hundred schmuckers doesn't hurt either.
  11. I'd have to say Braid, though I haven't seen all that much hate for it. The flak I've seen it get was for being "pretentious" and, I'll be honest, I thought it was too. But the thing is, it's more about what people read into it and wasn't there - because sometimes, not everything is meaningful and some things are there just to be pretty.
  12. I'd have to say, I'd sooner give up chocolate than cheese. It would hurt, though. Like, a lot. Inside. In the empty void of my mouth that would otherwise be filled with chocolate.
  13. @Seamore Sandwich, @Quinch, @SugarfootWillie, @Blitz Boom [Ponyville] Quinch looked up at the opening portal in the sky, and the half-dozen new arrivals. None of them looked like locals, although given the current sample pool of this particular mess, "locals" was beginning to look like an iffy concept. With any luck, they were here to help with the damage - his little maneuver seemed to distract the thing, but he had no way of telling whether or not they were actually even making a dent in it. If they were minions, on the other hand, well... he really didn't want more complications.
  14. Breadbox buddy! Gridder here. I remember playing it with my dad.
  15. @@Seamore Sandwich, Gotcha. I'm not aware of the other group, though, what's happening there? Also, does the Forgotten One have legs?
  16. My thoughts? In short, Undertale doesn't live up to the hype, but that reflects more on the hype than the game.
  17. Hmm, story writing isn't my forte - I think the only fanfic I ever wrote was before Season 2, but I'll be keeping an eye out on any entries.
  18. To me, it would be inconsistent characterizations. I know that sometimes it's necessary to have a character act out of their character in order to tell a coherent story, but it seems a little excessive sometimes.
  19. Either Party Party Paaaar-TTAAAYY!!! Also, ask one of them what her name is and why is she here.
  20. I think it's time for the obligatory S*P reference.
  21. Slap them. Pony or no, I'm spoken for.