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How do you sneeze?


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15 minutes ago, Rainbow Cloud said:

I don't sneeze that often but they're fairly spontaneous, loud and violent when I do which is a bit embarrasing.

The louder the better! Just gotta cover that mouth especially in these times! 

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1 hour ago, Le Trotteur Sauvage said:

People often mock me because when I sneeze, I shake my head from left to right like some animals ! I don't know why I do that I've been always doing thing... :laugh:
It looks a bit like this :



Lol, that gif is adorable! 

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I pinch my nostrils together when I sneeze. And then, I blow out my nose on a tissue.

If I don't do this i get irritated all day and that leads to sniffling but the loud and annoying kind.

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