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Whoa it's been a long time since I last saw this thread. About 2 years I believe and I deleted my old video for some reason. Well for the sake of this thread here are some pics.








My pride and joy 




I exploded :o






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Really it's more like Rainbow's room. x )  Fit about as much into this shot as I could:


You can easily see Mega Dash and the Rainbow Dashrine behind.  My old, abandoned Compaq, some really boring curtains, a spare Wii U I bought off my cousin, a blue tub o' stuff, the enormous Rainbow Dash decal I struggled at length to assemble, my tub o' cartridge games, and just a suggestion of both a platinum Gamecube and a Hot Wheels collection.


But more importantly: A closet!  Betcha don't got one of those.



Some posters; largely Nintendo.


On the left wall, tacked to the pony poster, is a ring on a chain (one of a set of two) that I bought and gave to Angelbabe.  The Mega Dash plush actually bears Babe's anniversary present; in case you didn't spot it in the topmost pic.


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Entrance, sorry for the weights and the medicine ball in the way.


One of my two laptops and a 25' HP 1920x1080p Monitor. I hate my Dell laptop btw it's so slow ;-; and a lot of trophies and medals


Gaming area. Red and Black game chair, 46' Samsung TV with a Wii U and a PS4 on a night stand I stole from my parents lmao.


Boring bed


Get a half view of my pool?


My big 500w Speakers with Subwoofer that my dad wants to break in front of my face :(


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Heyo! So after watching this video quickly before uploading, I concluded that I'm an extremely awkward girl. xD


Enjoy my awkwardness.



(If the thumbnail of the video looks like it was deleted, it really wasn't. Also I did not have a lot of storage space on my phone, so I had to rush through the video. :V)


Don't mind the semi-mess I have going on there.

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Decided i may aswell post some pictures of my room, its pretty small, i live in an apartment :3



Stood at the door :P








Messy bed + some of my movies + games.








Xbone + awesome DOTA 2 Slark and Golden Tiny statues








Living room with second Xbone








Second sofa that i use as somewhere to dump my bike gear :P









I would have taken a picture of the view outside my window, but the cathedral isnt light up tonight :(

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My room's like pink aesthetic all over the place.




A bit messy. Too bad my sylveon plushie's suffocating.





I've got some nerdy posters from comiccon near my door I guess. cx






My little figurine and laptop corner. I'm quite proud of my tiny teacup and TV.





My desk and junk drawer stuff. I put my clarinet and sax off to the side for the moment, I was working on fixing a few loose screws.


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lol nah nothing to see here

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Just letting you know I merged your thread with the one  that already existed with the same subject.


Thanks. :)

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I have more crap than I thought I did. XD Anyway, beware of pic spam.


First is my bed, when it's made and what it looks like when I'm going to sleep at night. I always sleep with my pony blanket because I like my room FREEZING. Like below 40 freezing. I work in a cooler. This is my natural habitat.






At the foot of the bed is my backpack I carry around to work and such. It has all my stuff in it.





Then there's this lovely shoe rack on the door. Which is weird, because I HATE wearing shoes. I never wear any of these really. I live the retail life, so it's always sneakers...





My desk is a cluster*&%$. I am not sorry.






As you can see in the previous pictures, I have a bookshelf. Most of it is manga. Including this. Because Fruits Basket is life. If you haven't READ it...what is wrong with you?! (I have more somewhere)





Between the desk and door? Key holder used mainly for necklaces.





I collect dolls. So I have them. EVERYWHERE. I love Monster High, Ever After High (though I only have one) princesses, etc...) Elsa is standing on the box of a Rapunzel toddler doll, BTW.










Then there's the closet...With ponies in front of it. I take them off the bed when I sleep.








Yes, these are RARITY'S clothes hanging up.





And here's what you see from the door.




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Here's my house built in Minecraft.












My room, which is downstairs.  The netherbrick steps would be my desk chair, and the box is my desk, and the painting is meant to be my computer monitor.  That's where I'm sitting right now!


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14 minutes ago, Misty Breeze said:

A lot of stuff from Cyclone in there. Unless you mean a different boyfriend:-P

Nope I'm talking about Cyclone :mlp_laugh: ....or am I :ph3ar:

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On 2019-07-01 at 4:29 PM, TheRockARooster said:

Your voice is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kickass, Lucky.

And your room is amazing. ^^

Didn't make it in time for that video:(  

Would be very amazed and interested of a tour of your room, Rocky:rarity:  

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To the left is a 150 W high pressure sodium street lamp, and the the right is a 18 W low pressure sodium street lamp, and above in the ceiling is a 125 W mercury vapor street lamp. My huge living room is my room :lookup:

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