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S05:E11 - Party Pooped


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It looks like the Yaks are also war mongers, I would play the Biggest Douche in the Universe song from South Park but I am not sure moderation would like that.

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The deer already tried the war thing, and were fairly successful. The yaks...I don't see it. :P

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Yaks are a-holes. Here's an idea: When they destroy your castle first thing instead of being polite, send them home. Yes, you should expect a good host, but you should also be a good guest. 


What exactly is this episode trying to teach? Because I'm at a loss. There are some parts that crack me up, but I'm not caring for this so far. 


Pinkie's quest is more entertaining than the yaks. 

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That was one strange, oddly paced episode that didn't really feel like FiM. Yet it was by far the most entertaining episode this season has had by far, so I'll take it.

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It wasn't horrible. Pinkie's quest and general antics saved it a ton of grief and made it mildly entertaining. But the extreme pickiness and rudeness of the yaks really killed it for me. You can express displeasure with something without being a total jerk about it. 


Tone down the yaks' rudeness about 20 notches and this is a pretty solid episode. 

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