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movies/tv Any other cartoons you enjoyed besides MLP?

Misty Sunrise

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Favorites whether legit good or guilty pleasure.  A lot more than I'm listing:

- Looney Tunes

- The Flintstones

- Yogi Bear

- The Transformers

- The Real Ghostbusters

- Spider-Man (solo 81 series and Amazing Friends)

- The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin (This and the first season of the 70s Flash Gordon cartoon* are a rare bit of Pre-90s animated serials)

- Captain N The Game Master

- DCAU universe

- Darkwing Duck

- Gargoyles

- Hey Arnold

- Avatar The Last Airbender

- Kim Possible

- The Spectacular Spider-Man

- Batman The Brave and the Bold

- Dan VS

- DuckTales (87 and 2017 version)

- Young Justice

- Amphibia

- The Owl House

- The Ghost and Molly McGee

- Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

- Strawberry Shortcake Berry in the Big City

*Flash Gordon can be seen legally and freely on Tubi and the YouTube channel Comic Kingdom.

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