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general media Do you have any non mlp ships?


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Just curious. 

I’m personally fond of Shangchi(Shang Tsung and Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat). 

Taleena(Tanya And Mileena from the same series as above). 

Capratchney(Cappy, Ratchet and Rodney from Robots). 

GrayGhost(Danny And Valerie from Danny Phantom). 

Carmesly(Carmelita And Sly from Sly Cooper series). 

Kataang(Katara And Aang from the last air bender).

DishonorableThunder(The Mayor and Thunder Girl from Action League Now! , yes really)

NinjaDiver(Stinky Diver And Red Ninja from the same series as above). 

And those are just the few I can remember atm.   

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Without being too involved in them:

  • Phoebe and David - Friends.
  • Kagome and Sesshoumaru - Inuyasha.
  • Naruto and Sasuke - Naruto.
  • Zoro and Nami - One Piece.
  • Robin and Barney - How I Met Your Mother.
  • Youko and Aya - Kin-iro Mosaic.
  • Brienne and Tormund - Game of Thrones.
  • Kamina and Yoko - Gurren Lagann.
  • Zuko and Katara - Avatar.


And the mother of all OTP's:

- Sakura and Shaoran - Card Captor Sakura.

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Alright, here we go...

Rin Matsuoka and Haru Nanase



Katsuki Bakugou and Eijirou Kirishima



Katsuki Bakugou and Izuku Midoriya



Eijirou Kirishima and Denki Kaminari



Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster



Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha



Kakashi Hatake and Yamato



Yu and Mika


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Some non MLP ships that I like are:

- Naruto and Hinata from Naruto

- Ash and Dawn from Pokemon

- Ash and Serena from Pokemon

- Sora and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts

- Aang and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender 

- Yusei and Akiza from Yugioh 5D's

- Aichi and Misaki from Cardfight Vanguard

- Tsuna and Chrome from Katekyo Hitman Reborn 

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Pokeshipping (Ash x Misty) Pokemon

Korrasami (Korra x Asami) The Legend of Korra

Klance (Keith x Lance) Voltron Legendary Defender

Ocean Girlfriends (Moana x Ariel) Disney


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Jess/Rory - Gilmore Girls

Dick/Babara - Young Justice

Nightwing/Starfire - DCOAMU

Adrien/Marinette - Miraculous

Ravager/Red Devil - DC



Those are the ones I can remember at the moment.

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Nightwing/Starfire - DC(I think this is my favorite super hero pairing ever).

Meg/Nea - Dead By Daylight(I have written a fanfic about it, haha).

Leon/Ada - Resident Evil

Ryu/Sakura - Street Fighter(I know he is like older than her, but still).

Max/Chloe - Life is Strange

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I RARELY ship things, but I'm quite impartial to a few:

Gilgamesh/Enkidu- Fate series

Edelgard/Byleth- FE Three Houses

Dorothea/Petra- FE Three Houses

Corrin/Azura- FE Fates

Elise/Sakura- FE Fates

Alm/Celica- FE Gaiden/Echoes

Ino/Sakura- Naruto

almost all of these are from Fire Emblem oof


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I have more or less that I can think of a top of my head.

  • Trish x Mista- Jojo’s
  • jolyne x weather reporter- Jojo’s 
  • Kira x Shinobu - Jojo’s 
  • Deku x uraraka- MHA
  • Scarlet x Duke - GI Joe
  • Starfire x Nightwing- DC
  • Joker x Harley- DC
  • Black Widow x Hawkeye-Marvel
  • Deadpool x Death-Marvel
  • Rey x Finn- Star Wars
  • I don’t technically “ship” them but I do like the chemistry of the two, hence the bromance/hate. Kylo x Hux.
  • Tempest shadow x Twilight
  • Applejack x Rarity.

i might have more but this all I think of.

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Only a few that aren't OC x canon ships...

Ramenman x Buffaloman - Kinnikuman

Eowyn x Merry - LOTR(the Peter Jackson movies)

Elim Garak x Julian Bashir - Star Trek DS9

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