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MLP 35th Anniversary Banner Contest Winner - Midnight Solace


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Below are the entries for the Banner Contest. Going forward these contests will be held in the Events Forum, so remember to follow that. Vote for your fav! Remember not to out who the artist is if you know. :)



Submission One 




Submission Two




Submission Three




Submission Four




Submission Five





Below is the initial post information. 


For those who don't know, we used to have banner contests every month. The winning submissions, chosen by our wonderful members, would be used as the site's banner. While we have other contests and banners are usually done ad hoc, sometimes it's great to bring these back to support a special upcoming event. If we get enough entries we may keep this as an ongoing event. 


Four weeks, four banners

In the past, the winning banners were used for a week within a month with each banner being used in consecutive weeks. For three of those weeks, we'll be using the top three banners in the contest as voted by you and the fourth banner being staffs choice from the remaining. We will be going with that concept, however place 2-4 will be queued for non-consecutive weeks so that we can make room for event banners. Simply put, the runners up will be used but likely in the following month. Submit a banner by December 5th to a member of Administration ( @Jeric, @PathfinderCS, @Dark Horse ). On the 6th of Dec we will post the submissions for a 24 hour vote. The winner will be used for our 35th Anniversary Event, but all participants with legit entries will receive an award badge for participating.  



Conest Theme: My Little Pony - 35th Anniversary

 To celebrate the this IP turning approaching middle-aged glory, we invite you to make a banner focusing on either a prior generation of MLP, or a blend of all generations. You may focus on the old cartoons or even the toy line. 

You can use any pony (or ponies) you want that fit within the theme. 

In the past, we allowed only certain ponies to be used in each contest. For example, one month was all about Applejack. Another was about the CMC. The rationale behind this was simple: to give less popular ponies a shot at success. But that was when we had one winner. Now that we have four (three for the contest, and one for the bonus), that's much less of a problem.


General rules and submission instructions

- Banners should be approximately 1000x255 pixels and saved as a .png file. More info here

- Send contest submissions to the Admins (and nobody else) via PM

- One entry per member

- All entries must adhere to the current theme, but creative liberties may be taken (to fit an airing FiM episode, for example)

- Anyone who wishes to edit an entry that has already been sent may do so, as long as the revised version is submitted by the deadline

- All entries must have the name of the forums, MLP Forums, as well as being pony-centric and related to the theme in some way. That being said, feel free to be creative!

- All forum rules still apply. Any entries that do not adhere to these rules will not be accepted

- Please do not post your entries anywhere else on the forums until after the winners have been announced. Although we can understand your excitement to show others your hard work, please keep them under wraps





If you have any other questions or comments, let us know down below.


  • Brohoof 14
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If you wanna be super-duper transcendent (like, far beyond Lauren Faust)...

  • Marvel's involved
  • Cubers (the term for people who solve Rubik's cubes and other related twisty puzzles, usually as fast as possible) are distant relatives of bronies (I've yet to prove this conjecture)
  • Hank Green (of the Vlogbrothers) is a pre-brony brony
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11 hours ago, Ganaram Inukshuk said:
  •  Hank Green (of the Vlogbrothers) is a pre-brony brony



And " ... I like Spike"

11 hours ago, SparkleSan79 said:

Can pony bases be used for this contest?  Because I'm thinking of participating.  B);)

You can use vectors found online. 

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Just now, Midnight Solace said:

@Jeric Is the banner size 13.33 (width) x 3.4 (height) in inches? Cause I just converted the pixels of the banner (1000x255) And I just wanted to make sure if it was correct.

That depends on screen size. a phone will shrink it down since our site is 'responsive' and will adjust images based on the users screen. I can test it if you want to PM me the image. 

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5 hours ago, Midnight Solace said:

I finished it, and while I was doing this, I learned a valuable lesson.

Don't do traditional art.

I had to redo the whole thing 3 times. It took forever. Now my drawing hoof shakes a lot everytime I hold a pencil. :D

XD I agree. Among the reasons I don't always do traditional art. But it really sometimes can be really pleasing.

:P I think I won't be able participate. Guess I will wait for the voting.

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We have several submissions for the contest that will go up shortly. As per the voting rules the artists will not be displayed. Please do not mention who the artist is if you know. 

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