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How many bones have you broken?


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Never broken anything like that before, luckily. I would probably blackout from the pain. :sealed: I think I did come close to breaking my thumb before in a fall once. That wasn't pleasant on its own.

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None. I got a DEXA scan last year and it said my bone density was about 127% of that of an average man my age, which I think is probably down to a combination of training and genetics (my dad also has incredibly dense bones). Hopefully I'll never break any!

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None...of my own Just kidding I've never done a violence.


I haven't broken any bones, closest I came was a sprained ankle from falling down some stairs. 

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A few over the years but the worst is -

Beginning of this year me and my family were out on a beach day,  we were up by the rock pools looking for crabs and shiz but I slipped 😧

Woke up on the rocks about 15 feet below and had no idea what was going on with my dad and stepmum freaking out stood over me lol.

I remember vaguely just laying there half awake while stuff was going on around me and eventually... after what seemed like forever... paramedics came and airlifted us to hospital where I stayed for a few days.

I didnt feel much pain i think it was shock but the scariest thing was i couldnt remember anything from that day,  thought id really messed up my head tthb i started freakin out. Turns out was just a concussion 🤕

Ended up with stitches on my head, lots of big old bruises and a cast, still got a scar on my head but luckily its covered up by my hair.

Overall im lucky it wasnt alot worse, turns my stomach a bit tho just thinking of it.

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