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How many relationships have you been in?


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If I count my current one I've been in 6 relationships in total. 4 for them were online only and two of them in real life. The one I'm currently in is in real life but started online and is also the longest so far and I think it's the right one so it should hopefully be the last.

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Only one which only lasted a few days, then again, I'm not the type of person that relies on one person to make me happy, it's all about having the right people in your life whether they're friends, family or other people.

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I’ve been in one.  It lasted 7 years, then she broke up with me.  

Now I’m happily single. >_> 

But if the right one ever came along I might give it another shot.  


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7 people in person, one of them twice, and 1 long distance. Plus 1 that I don't really count cause it lasted less than a day. Only 3 of them lasted over a month. I'm probably done with that stuff for good now.

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