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food What is your favorite candy?

El Duderino

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I was eating some candy today and I started wondering what types of candy you guys like. What is your favorite candy, or do you not like candy at all?


Personally, I love candy. I like all types of candy, but my favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids. I also really like Baby Ruth chocolate bars.

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Pretty much anything(except skittles), I'm glad I don't get it all that much.  Last time I got those Cadbury lil' Scoops I think I ate all four of them in one day.  I'm such a pig lol...

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Donckles truffles, by far.  But I don't think of something like that as being "candy", per se.  Donckles are a decedent dessert.  "Candy" to me implies something more pedestrian, like you'd find at the checkout at the supermarket.  My favorite pedestrian candy bar would be peanut butter Twix, which I like to call Death Stix, which is a play on the wonderful "you don't want to sell me death sticks" scene in Clones, and because of the fact that peanut butter Twix have like five kinds of trans fats.  They're poison, for sure.

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Considering I have a massive sweet tooth, it's rather hard to pick a favourite sweet. Ferrero Rochers, Toblerone, Coffee Crisp, anything Reese's, anything M&Ms, gummy bears/worms...etc.


I'll eat almost anything with sugar in it.


P.S. as I'm typing this, I'm eating a piece of Chocolate caramel fudge cake. And it's was delicious. :squee:

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My favorite candies are:

  • Skittles
  • Sour Skittles
  • Reese's
  • White chocolate Reese's
  • Crunch bars
  • White chocolate Crunch bars
  • Cookies and cream Hershey bars
  • Peppermint bark
  • Hard cinnamon candy
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • White chocolate truffles
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