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Which stallion is the most attractive?

Masami Morninghollow

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Guys, I had to hide a few posts that really had nothing to do with the topic at hand. Please be careful that you do not go off topic and derail the thread.


Not the most serious of offenses, but please keep that in mind. :)


Thanks. :)

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   Well now....

          Flynn... I mean, WIND Rider really does have that aged-well look. Definitely a very Rarity-esque vibe there.


        Shining Armor just has that princely look to him. Hard to look into big, blue eyes and say anything bad about him! Kind of reminds me of a ponified Crom!


      Big Macintosh is undeniably an absolute hunk & rather sweet to boot, but I've never held much to the muscular sort... often...


   Braeburn.... Mmnhmm...  Well, he's cute. Just unbearably handsome-cute, I'll give 'im that! That cute, semi-long mane, the cute accessories... dreamy to say the least. At the very least, wanna hug the bejeezus outta that blond bombshell!


   But Caramel, I have a special place in my hearts for him! Boyish & sweet looking but still strong in his cuteness.


        Think I have to admit that now. Confession time! Were I in Equestria, my... tastes would probably be completely inverted. As I stand now, given the choice, I'd stay straight, you know. There's just something about stallions, just so cute, hugable & approachable! Just an even amount of strength & cuddliness! Though, think I first noticed this coming up when I first found Dusk Shine. Think its the flouncy little muzzle of his!




   It's just positively hypnotic. Once that video starts I can't look away & it's just so... I dunno, makes me happy in more ways than I can even describe.

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The one that immediately comes to mind is Shining Armor. He's stop-traffic good looking. Beyond that, Braeburn's downright cute, as is Soarin. Big Mac definitely has that hunky quality, and his soft-spoken personality adds to that.

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What about Mercury?

He is white, like Rarity-white. He has a mane of a rock star. Being a pegasus gives him +1 elegance bonus and he is a Wonderbolt cadet or something like that. Husbando material 100% confirmed. It must be raining mares for Mercury <3 x-D

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I have a real soft spot for some of the stallions.

Aside from Shining Armor, Sunburst, and some others...

He may be on the younger side, but Sandbar is incredibly cute and handsome too.


Flash Magnus, he's an awesome pegasus dude specimen too. @PrettyInPipp Awesome Pillar pick.

And from the comic, this awesome guy, Shadow Lock! I love this dude's look!



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