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What is your opinion on The Great and Powerful Trixie?

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Trixie's still boastful as always, but she's more likeable thanks to Princess Twilight and definitely Starlight Glimmer. Starlight and Trixie make a great and powerful duo together.

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One of my favorite characters in EqG, in addition to being an amazing pony. She was one of the many things that made "Forgotten Friendship" my favorite EqG special. And she also had one of the best songs in the series, I still think her band was robbed in "Rainbow Rocks"!

23 hours ago, Cloudy Heart said:

I'm so happy about the fact she became friends with Starlight Glimmer. Both of them are very interesting and fantastic characters. :wub:

Considering pony Trixie's amazing chemistry with Starlight, I'd have liked to see their human versions meet... or maybe Equestrian Starlight meeting human Trixie?

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You are right. It would have been definitely possible, since the Cutie Mark Crusaders are also together as their human equivalents. Your equestrian Starlight + human Trixie idea would be perfect for a single (20 minutes) episode. Starlight sees Trixie and how she struggles with something and then she offers her help. Trixie would be like: "Haha! I don't need help from anyone! Not me, the great and awesome Trxie! The cutest! The best! The--" (etc.). But Starlight remains stubborn and they come closer. And since Trixie is so important to her, she wouldn't just vanish at the end. She would tell her that she is actually a pony from pony land. And maybe they would meet secretely once in a while. Trixie comes to pony land and meets equestrian Trixie in another episode. A rival battle between both of them ignites! Awesome! I love your idea, @Tacodidra! :fluttershy:

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11 hours ago, Jesse Terrence said:

Best secondary support pony ever, and totally best friend ever

Slightly annoying best friend, talking about herself, boasting all the time.

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Didn't care for the Equestria Girls version of Trixie that much. Until Forgotten Friendship of course. I liked her in that one. :grin:

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