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How would you run your own country?


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If you had your own nation and they are significantly powerful (around the strength of America, China, etc.) how would you run it?

You're the leader, by default there is no democracy (You can put that in later) and you have absolute power.

What would your foreign policy be, your legal system and any other major aspects?

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I would have absolute power. The national anthem would be the junior speedsters anthem. I would make MLP a class in all schools. There shall be cupcakes in all food groupps. We shall party everyday by the musical talents of vinyl scratch.

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Vegetables for everyone! Every house would have a wonderful... banana flavoured milk sink and the national anthem would be I like vegetables by ParryGripp.



Did I mention lovely... vegetables for everyone..?

National metal year shall be held every year in tribute to amazing music and all singers who use auto tuning are to be put to death. Just kidding, they have to get the hell out of the country... and they get none of our beautiful vegetables! That'll show them!

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You are a brony, it is the law.

We eat only cupcakes and apples.

In US History at school, we learn about the history of ponies.

In chemistry, we study shipping.

In geography, we study Equestria's landforms and locations.

Everyone must watch ponies daily. 'Tis the law and good for you.

Our national anthem is "Smile Smile Smile".

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Foreign policy and economics I would leave to somebody who understands those kinds of things better. However, I definitely would try to avoid any wars. I find war to be ridiculous and unnecessary.


Anyway, I would enforce a strict separation of church and state. Meaning, there would be no laws based on religious beliefs, creationism would not be taught in public schools in any way shape or form, same-sex marriage would be legalized, etc.


I believe that would steer America in the right direction socially. Freedom of religion and from religion (in regards to government/law). Perfect!


Otherwise I'd build up on public education. Public schools would get the funding that they need. Arts and music programs would not be getting cut like they have been recently.

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How would I control my country?


From my inner child point of view: Everyone gets free sweets and Christmas is everyday! Wooooo. Also, MLP is an obligatory program for people to watch and there shall be essays posted through doors to do with recent episodes in order to make sure that people follow my rules. For if they don't, generation one awaits them.


From my slightly less inner child point of view: To answer simply, poorly. I would have no idea. All I know is that I would not mess with schools and educations because they are the single most important thing. I'd probably be worse then Tony Blair and Gordon Brown combined. I mean, if you thought they cocked up, wait'll you see what I'd do!


So, to answer from an overall point of view, if I were in power then anarchy would rule the streets and the country would be plunged into desperation and unhappiness.

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I would run and rule it with an iron-fist. Let everyone fear my power. Show everyone the truth and backstab them with betrayal. Shroud the country with distrust and evil. Let everyone know how the world is filled with lies.

Ah hem... I would run it as a proper person. As any person would've wanted their country. Filled with peace and kindness with no fighting. There would be people going around, wanting to do things the opposite of that but what can you do? Let em do it and they'll end up in trouble and probably get tossed in jail. In the end, I would love to see a world/country like that one day... Just one day....

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In my Country it would be against the law to say you're not a fan of MLP!



Everybody is a Brony



To enter the country you must pass the brony test with a 70%

...seems legit


Main Priority for most of the scientists is to open that portal to Equestria.....

Second Priority is to turn us all into Ponies :3



Vote for Pinkazoid!

She is Best Dictator


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I would have spent money on science and helping other nations. I would also have a good healthcare system (much like the scandinavian today), I would have focused on the people and there welfare.


Also gay marriage is allowed, no perticular religion and that's about it.

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If I were the leader of that country, everyone could go crazy because there's a 13-year old in charge of the country and then they would rebel against me and burn me alive.


But if I had it my way, I'd make our economy strong and work on making the people happy. Also, set up an entirely different police force to handle corrupt people. Once that would be out of the way, I'd build up an Army, Navy and Airforce and then dominate the region.

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Type of government;

Non-Elective democratic Tyranny.


Domestic policies;

Technological supremacy must be attained.

Military might must be unsurpassed with no limitations of means.

Freedom to act in unless inhibiting freedom to act of others.

Freedom to speak, write or express oneself.

Suppression of any and all religious ideologies as an organized function. (Freedom of belief without freedom to organize religion.)

Police operations are military operations.

Welfare (Housing, food, basic amenities.) ensured to all regardless of situation.

Standardised taxation of 20%.

420 is legalized.


Foreign Policy;

Submit to the Unified Earth ideology or die. And I will Anthrax your asses if you don't fall in line when I ask you to.

There is only one legitimate Government that drives the welfare of the people, mine, others are oppressive and self-centered institutions that limit the human potential and danger the survival of human species with their differences and wars.

Any terrorist represents the will of his nation of origin.

All terror attacks are considered acts of war upon the sovereignty of UE.

UE will only wage war via de-government, the use of WMD's and assimilating occupation.

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Jobs - - - -- -




Education - Twilight


Technology - Rarity


Military - Rainbow Dash


Economics - Spike


Food ( forgot the posh name for it :D ) - Pinkie Pie


Environment - AppleJack


Foreign Affairs - Princess Luna


The Monarch - Celestia (obvs.)


The Army - Parasprites / Changeling / Discord / Bassicly All The Bad Animals :D


The Air Force - The Wonderbolts


The Navy - ( forgot his name but the dude who got his moustache cut off in part 2 in the first season )


National Symbol / Statue - Tom ( The Rock / Diamond )


The Mayor - The Mayor ( -.- )


Musician - DJ PON-3


National Anthem - Smile Smile Smile




I could go on :D but im not going to add your own if you want to ! :D

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