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I suppose befriending Twilight would be easy, for we'd find each other in a thrift store and talk about logic and history ^_^ 
Rarity would question my clothing choices, but she'd be surprised by how interested I am in fashion as she is :please:
Rainbow Dash and I are both rather loyal, so we may become friends if she notices and respects where my loyalties lie :dash:
I love animals and nature just as much as the other pony, but Fluttershy would appreciate my quietness and beverage preference (tea xD) :kindness:
Like how I would be with RD, Apple Jack and I are both rather honest. We'd criticize each other's work and rile each other up with cheers :mlp_smug:
Pinkie Pie just manages to make friends with everypony :blink: I wouldn't know how she befriended me

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I would probably come across them all at some point if I lived/visited Ponyville.

  • I would befriend RD by watching her practice and complimenting her on her skills. Maybe she would even help me get better at flying.
  • I would tell Fluttershy that I want a pet. We could bond over that.
  • Pinkie is friends with everypony in Ponyville, so befriending her will be easy.
  • Even though I'm not into fashion, I might decide to check the carousel boutique and spark a conversation with Rarity.
  • I would probably bump into the other two at some point.

Being Friends with the mane six would be great. It would also be great to truly get to know some of the background ponies. They have lots of potential to be fun friends.

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Rarity is my Best Friend & Twilight Sparkle is my crush so they're taken care of. 

 Applejack & I are buddies, Fluttershy thinks I'm "nice.", Pinkie Pie laughs at my silly jokes & as for Rainbow Dash...We don't have much in common. 

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I honestly believe we would get along immediately. Remember the first two episodes and how quickly they all became friends. I believe I would fit in perfectly into their circle and Equestria. Generally, I would try to help them, being some kind of assistant to all of them. :)

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Actually this brings up a lot of questions for me. Like were the rest of the mane five friends even before Twilight showed up? If so, how did it happen? If not, was it because that they were all elements of harmony that they became friends? And continuing with the possibility that they weren’t really friends before this, does that mean the mane six could have turned out differently if say Strawberry Sunrise was in charge of catering for the Summer Sun Celebration? And if Pinkie Pie is friends with everypony in Ponyville, where does she find the time to spend with them all? 

Personally, I think that it would be hard for me to befriend all of the mane six. Like I would probably be close friends with a few of them and kind I’d be friends with the others. In addition, I assume that I would also become friends with some of the background characters. I assume that this is what the background characters are like; They are friends with some of the Mane six, but they also have their own friends.

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Twilight- Show her some books I like so we can start talking about literary analysis.

Fluttershy- Start talking about cute animals like dolphins and turtles (my favorites).

AppleJack- Ask her how to make apple fritters.

Rarity- Complement one of her dresses, especially if it's purple :P

Rainbow Dash- Ask her about the Wonderbolts.

Pinkie Pie- Buy her some cupcakes.

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Friendship happens spontaneously. I don't have a layout or plan as to how manipulate someone into becoming my friend. "Pretend you share their same interests". No, it just happens or don't.

Imagine being trapped in a relationship where you have to pretend to be someone you are not. So, the first step is to be yourself, and then see what happens naturally.

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