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Reactions to brony clothing


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  1. 1. Was the typical reaction:

    • Awesome (met other bronies because of it, people complimented, etc.)
    • Eh (nopony really cared/noticed)
    • Horrible (getting called names, hateful teases, etc.)
    • Other (Please comment)

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I don't have any, I need to go to my local hot topic to see if they have any.


I really want the grey shirt with the Rainbow Dash silhouette and it says "brony" across it.

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I have the "this shirt just got 20% cooler shirt" and wear it once a week to school usually. I've gotten a few "what the fuck does that mean"'s one "wow you watch that dumb show" (to whom I quickly explained the awesomeness of it) and met 2 bronies. Totally worth it.
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Whenever I see any brony clothing or stuff like that, I buy it. Whenever I wear it, it's basically 4 different reactions:


1. "OMG! You a brony! <3" or something similar.


2. Person walks by without noticing/caring.


3. "What the hell are you wearing?"


4. "Wow. You're a damn faggot."


Wish I knew how to design t-shirts. I'd have so many by now...but not the ones that scream "I LIKE MLP!", the ones with little references that only bronies or pegasisters will notice.

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I bought a shirt with RBD lettering and a 20% cooler one. Both are suttle about references though, so you'd have to know the show to recognize the shirts. I wore the the RBD one out once and no one even noticed lol

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I selected other because to accurately describe my experience it would be much like meh, but with Horrible from a select few people, but even also a Good reaction from a random girl who thought my shirt was adorable!


I'll wear my shirt again when I feel my school is culturally ready for such things. Till' then it's hidden in my closet as a symbol of irony!


Get it like how I'm in the closet...


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