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"Dusk Belle"?

Well, that's... Okay, it could be a lot worse, I CAN say that much.

Not sure if this was brought up earlier in the thread, but did anypony notice the absence of Vs on the chart? I'm lucky it was the last letter of my last name and not the first.

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My name; Joe Kelleher





Sweetie Bloom, how adorable. I shall be a laughing stock if I ever set foot in Equestria, even if I wear a Nazi uniform to make me look threatening.

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Berry Worthy. 


Sounds like a beverage brand. I think I'll just stick to my own OC names for now...


"Berry Worthy, the beer can containing only 0.01% of alcohol, but with the same taste as typical alcohol!"

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Berry Worthy



Maybe Berry Punch is my mom....??

Or If I reversed it, last letter, first letter than I would beeeee

Sunset Princess

Yeah I think I like Sunset Princess better

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I am 'Apple Worthy' xD Last one of these I had looked at I came out as 'Dawn Shy' o.O I keep getting names fused with the mane six xD lol. Eh not too bad, I do like AppleJack, just the worthy.. I am worthy of eating apples? 

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Apple Princess... wait, what? o_O

That's quite... weird. xD


Oh well, from the pony name generator, I got Cloud Runner for male pegasus, much better, but not quite exact I guess, maybe cloud is correct, but not runner.

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