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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Anniversary

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This event began 2018-10-10 and repeats every year forever


On this date in 2010 My Little Pony: Friendship is magic aired on The HUB





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Saying goodbye to a show I loved for a  long time  really is hard for me  Rainbowdash  why ?  Because the rainboom tears I cry will be all in the friendship is magic when it ends and then the sadness will build when your favorite pony you love dies in front of you and knowing the love you had for all these years for the show will always be a memory in my heart ! Also wanna to thank the staff and brony friends that supported me as a true loyal friend on this site itself it was a wonderful ride MLPFIM so goodbye !!!

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Mlpfim taught me something about friendship.. I'm going to miss it for a life time.. Thank u twilight sparkle I ❤️twilight so much... Now there's no more mlpfim I will always remember all the seasons if I get bored lol... Goodbye 😭mlpfim

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Hoo boy... what a ride it's been so far, folks. I am gonna miss the show...

....but I'll try to make up for it with comics and fanstuff. And binging on old episodes.

Anyway... have something classic to tickle the nostalgia bone!

{or at least mine}


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Still waiting for Hasbro to announce a celebration. I hope they won’t be cruel and make us celebrate by ourselves. :(

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Five of the six Mane 6 vectors look old which, leads me to believe Twilight Sparkle was hiding her wings from the very beginning! :blink:

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Happy Birthday for giving us nine great fucking years of your show long live the rainbooming tears in my heart that each and everypony that My Little Pony Friendship is magic will forever be in our lives forever no matter what gender you are gay or straight I still Love you all knowing deep in my heart that your all my best friends on here thank you everypony!!!

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If there is a French person here who have the ref, I hug him ;-;

Can't believe this sereis started 11years ago ;-; and finished 2 years ago ;-; I remember in 2010 I started to follow the best french youtuber ever JDG (for Americans it's like AVGN haha) but it's only in 2012 see that at tv by chance that I discover that and I just went to started high school '^' and since the pandemic crisis, I want to bring a lot to MLP ;w;



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YAY!!! I remember when it first premiered on another channel and watching it with my mom :))) can't believe its been like 10 years!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! :wub:

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"Huh they've rebooted it again, I wonder how well it'll go this time"

11 years later I'd say it went well.

Also wasn't it one of the first new shows on the Hub channel?

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