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How do YOU study for tests?

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i dont lol   on the rare occasion that i do, i read over my mostly useless notes about 5 minutes before said test

I concur. I actually pay really good attention in class and have developed a way for me to take notes that are easy to find what I need. Then I just glance through my notes for the last 5-10 mins befo

I don't study. I never study. its like I cannot fuckin focus.  when I try to study I suddenly become tired. zzz

i just grab the book and highlight all the important stuff, then repeat it over and over again.


to be serious, i never really had a method for studying till i got to college, where its study or die,

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Depends on the class really. If there's a study guide of some sort, I'll usually fill it out and look over it. I also like to reread notes, and at least parts of the textbook. Ever since I've gotten to college, I've found rereading textbooks to take more time than I have, so I usually just hit the highlights. I also look over relevant assignments. Usually that's enough for me to do well on a test. 

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Teachers always insist that doing plenty of homework is your means of exercising your knowledge of the material you learned in class, so that's usually a good means of perfecting your knowledge for the test...no wait, that's for math and science!! For Social Sciences such as history, I would understand the major key points by looking over your notes that you took in your readings (if you did read xD), and also at the details and smaller sections among those key points. For English/Language Arts... same thing.

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I don't. When i was in school I was one of those people that would go home and play games or read something other than my text book. 


Would just wing it the next day, lol. 

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I try and go through my books and study through them a bit. Write down a few things, try and get in as much studying as I can. Naturally though, the questions that are asked don't normally line up with the book. *rolls eyes* Whatever.


One method that can be helpful is if there's any extra time before said test just cram in some extra studying during that time. Heck, you have to sit there anyways, might as well make the most of it, right? xD

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