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Name three things your OC owns.


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OK you can name more than 3 things if you want. I just want to see what your possessions reveal about you.


Silverhoof: wannabee adventurer

1) The latest 10 bit adventure novel

2) A fancy Baldric his mother made for him

3) A suit of armor, not the gold, fancy-fluted royal guard kind. This is steel, simple cut and functional.


I've mentioned these in my back story. So to be fair, here are three more.


4) A pressed flower, given to him by his filly-friend back in Canterlot. They aren't dating anymore (she left him when he decided to find his destiny), but he keeps it for sentimental reasons.


5) Paper and ink. He writes home a lot. His family worries, so he lets them know where he is and where he plans to go if possible. He doesn't keep a journal, but writes everything in his letters (including diagrams, maps of ruins he has been in, etc.).


6) A pair of steel horns. a souvenir from his first adventure, where he defeated Steelhorn, a renegade Buffalo. Steelhorn did something so bad, his horns were deliberately broken and he was exiled from the tribe. Diamond Dog bandits adopted him, made a new set of steel horns, and together they raided the area outside of Appleoosa.


Steelhorn and the bandits are in a territorial jail right now, thanks to Silverhoof. Silverhoof plans to commission a new fancy helmet and incorporate the horns in the design. but that is in the future.


OK, so you see three NEW things Silverhoof owns.

1) what do these things reveal?

2) What three things does your OC own?



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A watch that always shows the correct time, even if it were to travel to a different time period.


A detailed history of Equestria from its pre-history up through an unspecified period of time in the future (where Time Shield is from).


An advanced spell book on healing magic (more complicated than Time Shield can memorize), just in case it is necessary.

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I'll do a couple of them.


Brechard: a hat, a record player, a cottage near fluttershy (shh, could be canon).


Obscure: a coke fountain, a top hat, a big house.


That other one I have who is a vampony, I forgot his name: a coffin, a magic flask that refills its self with what ever is in it whenever some is drunk, a cape.

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- One of the largest corporations in Equestrian history, founded by himself in under two years.<br />- A theoretically limitless source of bits, both liquidated and in assets, alongside an assorted collection of magical items.<br />- A personal assistant Griffon lady. It is not Gilda.

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I have a whole group of OCs, but I'll cover the three most developed ones on my roster.



1. A drawing compass

2. Reading glasses

3. 50% stake in the Derbyshire Museum of Pony History



1. Her trusty fedora hat with half-circle cut-in

2. Climbing rope to get to high places

3. 50% stake in the Derbyshire Museum of Pony History



1. Pilots jacket

2. Flying goggles

3. Small fleet of hot-air balloons and small flying ships

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Well it depends on the roleplay, but...

1: Safe house

2: Weapons Cache

3: A heisting crew.


However, he only has that stuff in roleplays that call for it.


He normally has


1: Bow and Arrow

2: Deck of Playing Cards

3: Poker Table

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A box with mane clips for all kinds of occasions.


A journal with all her various scientific data from her many projects. (Well more than one journal)


A tail band, which was given to her by her brother before she moved from Canterlot.

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