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I wasn't expecting her and Pinkie to be twins! That was really interesting, you would think after five seasons we would know that Pinkie had a twin, but at the same time it makes sense that she wouldn't mention it since Pinkie probably wouldn't find it any more noteworthy than her relationship with any other sibling.







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Marble Pie, great to see her! Wished she had a bit more dialogue but she is the Fluttershy of the family and showing is usually better than telling.  Also since she is very similar to Fluttershy, it does help explain how Pinkie interacts with Fluttershy some of the time. 

She was adorable! :3


Is she Pinkie's twin?

According to the dialogue she and Pinkie were born minutes apart from one another so unless Pie family pregnancy are extremely quick, all answers point to yes.

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