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Group 10 - White Tail Woods & Group 11 - Hollow Shades


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Okay then. 


We resume the World Cup this fine Easter with groups 9 and 10. Will you guys opt for the deer of White Tail Woods, or go with Twilight's Dad? Can anyone end up beating Stygian, or is he going to be stuck between Tom and a hard place. 




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Good thing I noticed this soon enough so that I could provide my own votes. Of all the options that were available, the one that appealed to me the most to the point where I wanted to mention him was Torch. Despite him no longer being the Dragon Lord, he definitely made it his own given his stature amongst other dragons. He deserves to move on and continue being a part of this.

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We all know which pony should win this. 

Cause Blossomforth practically is a winning pony. 



C'mon we can't leave Cloud Kicker hanging. 

You don't wanna make Cloudkicker sad do you?



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No. Oh no. Torch is NOT going to take this with me sitting down. BLACKTHORN WILL NOT BE LOSING THAT EASILY!!!! :glimmer:


Plus, you don't want his best mare to be disappointed now, do we? ;)


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Trouble Shoes and Blossom forth are neck and neck! 

@PathfinderCS apparently a bull in a china shop is more powerful than the grace of a deer. Blackthorn isn't protecting his home well! :(



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1 minute ago, Jeric said:

Trouble Shoes and Blossom forth are neck and neck! 

@PathfinderCS apparently a bull in a china shop is more powerful than the grace of a deer. Blackthorn isn't protecting his home well! :(



Not much you can do when a single dragon sneeze can set your home ablaze. :okiedokieloki:

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We say goodbye to the vanquished Blackthorn, Trouble Shoes, Showfall Frost, and Double Diamond




Now onto the Wild Card Final for Groups 9 and 10. New poll will be up in a minute. 


Oh ... my .... Sweet Celestia how did I make that mistake? 


Ok, this whole time I somehow skipped Group 9 and posted group 10 and 11, not group 9 and 10. 




Shut it unicorn. Honest mistake. :okiedokieloki:


Ok, so next poll will be Group 9 and 12 ... my bad. :P


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1 hour ago, The_Dank_Brony said:


Yep! :twi:

Anyways... I'm voting for Stygian because he's a cool villain and Blossomforth is... well... Blossomforth. Sorry, I'm not a big fan.

And then there's Night Light, because he's Best Pony's Best Dad!

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31 minutes ago, Totally Lyra said:

I'm not specifically a fan of Blossomforth, but a vote against Stygian is a vote I'll take. :adorkable:



I'm voting for best powerless underappreciated inferiority complex strategist pone! If anyone's seen posts I've made, you could be pretty sure I've mentioned him quite a few.

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On 4/3/2018 at 8:53 AM, Jeric said:

...their epic Dad Joke battle!

...........Oh Jeric, why must you be so good at sparking inspiration :twi: 







Calm down little pony, why don’t you sit down, take a seat

Think you can take on me, you can’t even handle the heat.

Dragonlands or White Tail Woods it doesn’t matter where we are

Cause wherever I’m the leader, I’ll take this team far!

Dragonlord for years! I’ll make the competition quake and fear!

With my daughter just as strong! Fearless! A warrior to her core!

She doesn’t just sit around in some playset living life a bore!

Look at me and you’ll see my legacy is where it’s at!

Look at you and it’s true you raised a weak and whiny brat!

Image result for dragon lord torch and ember

Just like your Dragonlands, 

it must be nice isolated in your mind,

See my daughter’s saved all Equestria,

Give or take around eight or nine times!

And you’ve got your daughter here too,

How nice, I’ve got my daughter and my wife!

And maybe my son too if he keeps begging for his life….

This competition’s crazy and I know crazy,

don’t believe me, I’ve got a waterfall you can go over!

You’ve no idea the insanity of this pony’s life,

 But I’d never change it because I love her!

 Image result for night light mlp vector

Ugh, that’s just like you ponies, got to make everything cute and happy!

It takes more than love and care to be deemed the superior pappy!

A father makes mistakes and he learns from them too.

I protect, and I look out for all my dragons, and Ember especially you!

You had your daughter isolated shipped off to magic school,

Way to be there for her pops, just sit back and let her rule.

Those parlor games are way more important than supporting her now,

Bingo! I’ve hit a nerve, I think it’s time to back down.


At least I let my daughter go out there and be herself,

Maybe not shelter her completely for starters; just saying if that helps.

I’ll give that you raised a kid with strong will and powerful tactus, yet…

Talk to me when your daughter has raw power to make you a mother-bucking cactus!

At a young age, powerful mage, into a full-fledged alicorn!

Not so impressive when your daughter just gets her title when she’s born!

Look at the pattern, see it doesn’t matter

How tough and strong you are!

Make-A-Wish, Lord torch, cause dog-gone-it

I’m gonna be the rising star!




YOU DECIDE! (actually please don’t because I’m probably not going to do this again)


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C'mon ponies and people! Blossomforth is the perfect athlete for Team Hollowshades! 


What team can top flexibility like this? 



And how can you vote against a face as cute as that? 


You wanna make that face sad? You wanna made Blossomforth sad that she doesn't get to join Cloud Kicker on the field of battle in the world cup? You want Blossomforth to know that you don't care? 



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Night Light joins his wife in the World Cup and will be playing along side Winona and Angel Wings! Stygian also will be suiting up to face off against the other teams with Tom and Sombra in a curious team that sees two reformed villains (depending on comic storylines), and the epitome of evil in Tom. 








Tom ... stop being lazy and welcome Stygian to your team!




The new round of polls are in, after this we will be 1/3 of the way through completing team rosters. :D


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  • The title was changed to Group 10 - White Tail Woods & Group 11 - Hollow Shades

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