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Mixing Drinks


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My older bro just informed me that he mixed up Cranberry juice, orange juice, and apple cider and drank it. To me this sounds nasty (he didn't like it btw. Though he does occasionally make stuff by mixing chocolate syrup, honey, milk, orange juice, etc and likes it), so i got wondering. What type of strange concoctions do you ponies drink?

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I remember doing this before, usually I would gather all the soft drinks i could find.

Dr.pepper,Pepsi,Fanta,Sprite,Squirt,Coke, and maybe some tequila to that. God, that was the gnarliest thing I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.

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When I was a about 5 or six, I mixed Coke and Chocolate milk (Discord cocktail is what i call it now)


I like cherries in 7up and similar drinks


I also like mixing sodas


Finally but not least, Sunny D and Ginger Ale mix!


All are tasty :)

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Well, here is my prized SECRET (until now) drink recipe..

Dr. Pepper

mixed with Dr. Pepper Zero (Trust me, they taste a bit different)

mixed with Coca Cola

mixed with Tesco Cheap Coke

mixed with Monster Energy Drink

mixed with a cheap Energy Drink at my local shop

mixed with A SECRET DRINK.


I call it the Dr. Cola Monster Zero

I love it. I hardly can make it due to all the resources needed to make it.

BTW, I bet that the secret drink can't be found out.

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root beer + coke + fanta is pretty tasty ^^


also over in the food world you have peanut butter sandwich witch chocolate stuff and bananas^^it tastes almost like snickers but as a sandwich

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I love hot tea. I started drinking it every morning, since it is pretty cold outside. I am not a very big fan of coffee, so I drink hot tea or hot chocolate. Not that I don't like coffee, I just don't like drinking it in the morning. It's more of a night drink for me.
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Get about a 32oz drink from somewhere. Put about an inch of lemonade, then the rest with diet coke/pepsi (or regular), then top it off with a splash of dr. pepper. Then add some vodka if you are into that. Drink up and be merry!


Also I have heard that sprite zero (or regular) mixed with pink lemonade is pretty good.

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*cracks neck* Take notes, folks!


Nay Nay Strohmeyer: 3 parts Cranberry Juice, 3 parts Sprite, 1 part whiskey (Doesnt matter the brand but I prefer Jack Daniels)

Back Alley Dr Pepper: 5 parts Dr Pepper, 1 part Lemon or Lime juice, 1 part Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper

Root Beer Floating Upside Down: 2 scoops of ice cream, 20 oz Root Beer, 3 shots of Jack Daniels

Tennessee Morning: 1 cup of coffee, 1 shot of Jack Daniels (If you cant tell, Jack is my favorite liquor)

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