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  1. Go and celebrate!! Today you tell the world you made your big entrance

  2. A fun, dopey episode that gave me some chuckles. I've seen enough Scooby-Doo to appreciate the similarities. You know when the words disembodied pony legs doesn't seem too dark that you've got some good-natured goofiness going on. Twilight was cute and Rainbow and Applejack were fun together. The diary's an interesting way to reformat the letters. Season 4 episodes seem to have a different kind of pacing so far. The pacing in this episode wasn't bad per se, but it's taking some getting used to. I'm ready for an episode with a more singular character focus. Overall, this one's a 7 for me.
  3. Didn't the season 4 premiere retcon this line? I'm assuming the Summer Sun celebration is yearly, so I'd assume that the season 4 premiere takes place one year after the season 1 premiere. The 100 moons line would indicate that the reunion was taking place either 100 days or several years past the season 1 premiere. Either sounds completely ludicrous, unless you infer that Apple Family Reunion takes place at a much earlier time than the other season 3 episodes. In a way, it DOES have a much more season 1-ish vibe and structure than a lot of other season 3 episodes.
  4. Well, it's very nice that so many people thought that this premiere was amazing, but I thought it was mediocre. I loved Discord, it was nice to learn that the first three seasons took place over the course of a year, it was also nice being able to actually see Celestia banish Luna, and Applejack had some great dialogue. However, I didn't like the heavier focus on plot, as I don't feel like it's MLP's strong suit (I'm also one of those rare fellows who doesn't like the comics). The pacing also seemed really bad. I didn't have a problem with the pacing in Keep Calm and Flutter on or Magical Mystery Cure like many, but I did here. There'd be a big moment, then it would jump to the next scene and it would feel like almost instantly there'd be another big moment. Just seemed like too much stuff going on. Princess stuff, Luna and Celestia stuff, Twilight stuff, friendship stuff, tree stuff, Discord stuff. I had trouble caring about it all at once. I preferred the more leisurely pace MLP had before this episode (I'm also one of those rare fellows who liked Uncharted 1 better than 2). Also, the box that appears at the end, where the mane six need to search the world for the six things for it... That kinda felt more Zelda than MLP. Seemed really video game like. 5/10. I'm a little worried since I liked all the previous premire/finale type episodes and have never had a problem with pacing in this show, but we'll see.
  5. Oh, that's easy. Silent Hill. It's dark, creepy, bizarre, and had a complex story line that the game didn't hold your hand with. It's as scary as any horror movie, had great music, and is one of the best examples of classic survival horror gameplay (every time I see a bad map in a video game I think come on guys Silent Hill got this right ages ago). And it's just cool exploring a realistic feeling empty town where weird shit happens. I also have to give a nod to the Spider-Man ps1 game, which was my favorite game when I was a kid.
  6. I sometimes hate it when a final boss is way harder than the rest of the game was. I don't mind a challenge when the whole game is challenging, but when there's a sudden spike right when I'm trying to finish the game, it's annoying. A few that come to mind are Rayman 2 and 3, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and most Twisted Metal games. Sometimes it can work well though, like Gnasty Gnorc at the end of Spyro the Dragon or the chase at the end of Spider-Man ps1. The second boss from Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is also too hard. Some games also have final bosses that are too easy, like Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando and Final Fantasy XII. Then in Jersey Devil, there's one boss that's a Frankenstein head on a chair with a cape. What the heck was that!? Also, as good as Super Mario 64 is, the Bowzer bosses aren't all that great.
  7. Well of course I'll be a brony because I'll still be a fan of the show. It's the best piece of entertainment I've found in years, and I adore the brony community. I'm sure there will be all sorts of silly videos to watch and tearjerking fanfics to read even after the show is over.
  8. Aigis from Persona 3 is my biggest game crush. I love the way her personality evolves from robotic to human and the devotion she immediately feels towards the player. Second is Yukiko from Persona 4, who looks and acts nice. And finally there's Freya from Final Fantasy IX, who has that right balance of strong and emotional.
  9. Oh that's easy. The Time of Her Life. Twilight gets a machine that lets her travel back in time fifteen minutes, and let's just say she picks the wrong time to use it. It's actually a really creative story and I like it, but it's also perhaps the sickest thing I've ever read, and there were times I almost stopped, especially Twilight raping Spike. Since everyone's talking about Cupcakes, I only find the story mildly disturbing. This might be because I really braved myself up for it thinking it was going to be much worse. I'd watched the Cupcakes video before, and I thought that was horrible and very disturbing. The fact that it was supposed to be silly and funny and over the top just made it much worse for me. It's the same reason why I find gore in Family Guy more disturbing than gore in horror movies. I also didn't like the animation and music in the Cupcakes video.
  10. It's because the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanbase has overtime become less of a silly meme and more of a serious cult following.
  11. I freaking love Disney! When I think of Disney, sometimes I think of my favorite animated films, other people's favorite Disney movies, or I just think about how much I love animation in general, as it's my favorite art form. My top 5 Disney movies: 1. The Fox and the Hound 2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves 3. Bolt 4. A Goofy Movie 5. Aladdin Also, my favorite movie is The Brave Little Toaster, though that wasn't technically made by Disney.
  12. You can eat pizza and watch My Little Pony at the same time. And I do. Every second of every day that I'm not here. Your question is invalid.
  13. I just use regular old Internet Explorer. People say that it's terrible in comparison to the others but I've never had any problems with it.
  14. 45 percent Twilight. I'm smart, I used to read all the time (now it's just pony fanfics), I'm OCD, and I tend to overanalyze things and can be a bit of a drama queen. I also have magical powers. 45 percent Fluttershy. I'm very shy, insecure, and emo. Also, yay for cute little animals. 10 percent Pinkie Pie. Sometimes I'm just weird as hell and don't make sense. When I was younger and more hyperactive this percentage would've been bigger. I also have small drops of Rarity and Applejack. There's not a single solitary bit of Rainbow Dash in me.
  15. I'm sure Friendship is Magic is going to stay primarily aimed at little girls since that was the original intention. Still, now that it's known that it's possible to target this stuff at an older audience, a later MLP series or other series featuring a cute, girly concept might be more adult. But they'd have to be careful since little girls and their parents might get confused. So, while they could maybe tackle some more mature subject matter, they'd have to still keep it morally sound and not too frightening.