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  1. I'm just gonna guess Balius and Xanthus, its stuff spoken in mythology. It's two immortal horses.
  2. Here's my list. 6. Applejack - Didn't have enough songs to really hear, but the songs she did sing were pretty good, like at the gala. But other then that, no, not really a top-notch singer. 5. Rainbow Dash - Hate to put best pony on the list down like this, but she didn't have enough songs to stand out. The Junior Speeder's Chant technically wasn't a song, and Fluttershy did most of the pet song. But the Pet song WAS amazing, I have to tell you. If we had more songs with RD like that, she would be higher. 4. Twilight - Twilight is an amazing singer, the only problem is that she has few songs. Her voice for singing was spectacular, and brings out beauty, just like Rarity. Only problem is that she doesn't have enough songs, again. 3. Fluttershy - Fluttershy's songs are soothing, relaxing, and gentle. They bring out beauty in her voice, and in music. Who thought the most shyest pony would be a splendid singer? 2. Pinkie Pie - Pinkie has the most songs, and most of them are very catchy too. They are filled with fun, laughter, and everything friendship is about. Her singing is spectacular. The only problem is that her voice could be a bit more well-done. 1. Rarity - How do I describe this? Amazing. That's how. Her singing truly brings out the beauty in the world of music. Her songs are catchy, well-made, and the background ponies in the song have fantastic designs.
  3. I don't know, did they?
  4. I'm both. *troll face* Kidding, just a pegasister. I have come across a few arguments like this, but rarely.
  5. I have to say the Flim Flam Brothers. They think it's their right to go on someponys apple farm that they don't even own, when it's cider season, and want to take away they're right to live in Ponyville? Who does that?! Thais cruel, mean, and selfish. They didn't stop, they didn't care. They're simply evil.
  6. He's just a bit of a jerk, but he always tries his best to cheer up and care for Fluttershy. Though it may not seem like it, I say their best pals.
  7. We get a Star Wars? YAH! Hope there's a Synchatube thing on the 15th Hope to see you for Star Wars! I like lightsabers I'll attempt to make it.
  8. A brilliant end to a brilliant season. That's all I have to say in this matter.
  9. High Winds here, reporting for duty! To answer your question, No, we never heard of the Shadowbolts. Who are they? They sound scary! ;.;
  10. Shift

    Member awards?

    I would love to see a program like this. The people on this forum are mature enough to handle it, and if they don't win, they MIGHT will not complain about it. Some will, some won't, but I joined a MLP forum a lot like this with awards and it was completely fine. Actually, it was really fun too.
  11. I would definitively go, no problem. Probably a Pegasus living in Cloudsdale. The only downside is leaving my family and friends behind. But then again, I realize people are overlooking this. You are not only leaving family and friends behind...but you are also expecting them to deal with that? Your family would never get over you. I would only go if my family and friends could go too.
  12. That's my reaction all the way. I heard from a little birdie it would come out in the Fall, either late august, mid September, or early October.
  13. Fleetfoot, on charge. Spitfire has been telling me about that, and we all think it's either Rapidfire or Soarin'. *laughs* But that Rainbow Dash...we think Spitfire has an eye on her, too. But they're the same gender, so yeah, not a special somepony.
  14. (Heh, its fine.)Blaze here. OK, now please, don't question our abilites. It's because of Soarin's- Did I hear my name? *rolls eyes* Alright, Suprise's party. Seriously she throws parties 24/7, she barely makes the meetings. So most of us were at the party, or kinda...y'know...overwhealmed because of the party. Um, sure. The point is, your making us look not better. Get him out, somebody. Because Fleetfoot kept on telling me "Soarin' can you pu-leez not make your own thread?" Couldn't argue because she's so nice, but hey, I'm fine with it. The Wonderbolts can have their own thread, and the rest of us are cool with it, so why shouldn't I be cool with it too?
  15. The wonderbolts, fantastic aerial fliers. Her highness's personal aerial team. So awesome. So cool. Admired by everyone. And now .... they can answer your questions! Fleetfoot, Rapidfire, Soarin' and others will answer all of your questions. Just start asking away! HOWEVER. Spitfire decided to start Her own ask thread Because she's too sexy, so she can not be asked any questions in this thread. Sorry!
  16. I have to honestly agree- no shows perfect."]] Look at that, for example. I have to say the show could improve on animation a bit more. Thats my only objection.
  17. This, in a nutshell, is what i'm thinking. A new type of magic besides the Elements of Harmony would be excellent. And they don't use Love.
  18. Rainbow Dash is extreamly high on my favorite list. She has a unique and interesting mane style & color, and interesting enough backstory, and just plain cool all around. A tomboy on a little girl show is rare in my opinion. Normally they are just girly-girls. Seeing a tomboy in a show that was meant for little girls sparked something in me. She is also loyal, which is very important. Being non-loyal is almost as bad as not being someones friend. I say true friends are loyal to each other, and RD proved that. She may be a drop-out, but she doesn't encourage to follow in her young footsteps. It also didn't change her personality in any way we know of. She also didn't quit, she kept on going. I like that kind of person. A sassy type is also needed in the success of a TV show, and I seriously believe without RD, this should wouldn't be as '20% Cooler' like the other shows.
  19. A episode featuring Celestia in it, without getting underratted or overshadowed by the others would make my day. It could be a day in the life of Celestia episode, when we could see what celestia really is like all those days in Canterlot. The princess should be able to do something on a day, not just sit around drinking tea and reading letters.
  20. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. Gosh, this welcome mat is getting full of hoof-prints!
  21. Somehow, I like to ship Rainbow x Fluttershy. Hey, I know, they sorta broke up in Hurricane Fluttershy, but I think they're made for each other. That ship is just so overrated, I gotta support it.
  22. Online or Offline? Your Choice.

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      depends, we have to examine the cons and pros of every aspect.

    2. False Perception
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  23. Superpower's Activate!

  24. *wipes feet* Yay, I think that's done! Wait, I actually have to put something here? Well...why not? Hi there, I'm Resolution! Long username, I know, haven't got any good nicknames yet. Well, i'm a pegasister. Hey, girls can be fans too! I obviously like MLP, especially FIM. Personal favorite episode is 'It's about Time'. Don't know why everyone dosen't pay that much attention to it. Anyway, I ♥ ponies. Luna & Rainbow are best pony, argument invaild. Rainbow beats Luna by a teensy winnsy bit, though. MLP-FIM Is and always will be my favorite show. I've been a pegasister for what, a year? I watched all of the episodes, waiting for Season 3. I love to roleplay and have a few OC's. I love the Friendship is Witchcraft parody, can't get Pinkie's Brew out of my head. If you guys want to know, or even care, I like Pokemon (Especially the anime), Sonic, Spyro, a little bit of Mario, MLP (Obviously) and art. I live for art, I love to draw. And read. I also like Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Again, if you guys care, I ship Rainbow x Fluttershy, Nightmare x Discord, Octavia x Doctor Hooves, Spike x Rarity, and even though their together, Cadence x Shining Armor. Before you guys start to jump all over me with 'Hi!' and 'Welcome!', i'll give you a brohoof. Beat's me if you call it a brohoof if your a pegasister, but hey, why not. *brohoof* THE 2015 EDIT: MY TASTE WAS AWFUL BACK THEN, SERIOUSLY. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT DISCORD X CELESTIA, OCTAVIA X VINYL, RARITY X APPLEJACK, CADENCE X CHRYSALIS (GOTTA GET SOME FOE YAY IN) AND TWILIGHT X PINKIE PIE ARE THE TOP TIER SHIPS.