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I would.  I would like to tickle Rainbow Dash.  And it has been established by the show proper that she is indeed ticklish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62_uFzzXhnc   Rainbow Dash is ticklish =

Well I can imagine Pinkie being really ticklish. Tickling her just to see her adorable giggles and laughs would be marvelous. Also she enjoys laughing, so I certainly would make her happy.   Pinkie

I wonder what would happen if you tried to tickle a soda pony    Would it erupt in fizz and have it froth over from its mouth o.O

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If I were able to tickle any pony of my choosing........I would go for the obvious pick: Pinkie Pie. 

She may not be my favorite pony, but that doesn't mean that I dislike her. 

Then again.....she would probably tickle me back.....

In that case, I would run away.

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Though I would not liked to be tickled back. I can never breathe when I'm tickled. How would a pony even tickle a human anyways? Hooves don't seem like the tickling sort of instrument.


Rainbow would be an obvious choice. I love those laughs and gigles of hers. Do you think wings are ticklish?


But another one for me would be Twilight. To see the high priestess of studious bookworms break out into a flailing, gigling fit would be epic.


Lyra would probably loved to be tickled by a human.

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I would definitely tickle Pinkie. I have a sneaky suspicion that she's one to jerk her hind leg when tickled. :)


And I think Pinkie would find a way to tickle me back. With hooves. Somehow. So that's pretty awesome.

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This thread is reaaaaaallly making me wish Equestria was real. Just so I could do this.


You said it.


I would love to tickle Spitfire............although she'll probably kick my ass.............or either like it, lol. 

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Heres the thing. Yeah it would be cute but if they start thrashing about my head would go flying. I mean these ponies are insanely strong so it would be super dangerous to tickle them even if they were okay with it.

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