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What phases have you been through?


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Here were the phases I've been through my whole life in order:

  1. The Crybaby
  2. The Naughty kid in class. lol
  3. Mr. Bad sportsmanship
  4. The Loner
  5. Brony
  6. Closet brony
  7. Mr. "I hate my generation"

And now, here I am, in my "I need a girlfriend so bad" phase. :adorkable:

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I've been through a couple of phases in my years,


Loner antisocial kid in high school

Otaku freak

Honda Fanboy (vtec just kick in,yo!)

Fps Gamer

Computer nerd

Green Thumb


Brony (currently)


Some previous phases/traits still taunts me from time to time and it's really hard to try running away from yourself.

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Well, I'm not really "out" of my phases quite yet, but I can list my past ones in anycase.


- I pretty much went through a "Complete Jerk" phase for half a year once. Quite unpleasant to think back on it, I admit.

- I went through something akin to a "Emo Phase", though it was more like "I don't care about anything, 'cause it doesn't matter." thing... That might very well be the definition of Emo, but eh.


And currently, I've just lost 90% of my motivation to do anything. Is that a phase? Eh, doesn't matter too much.

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Lets see... I've been quite a mess.


~Preteen phase (where I wanted to give up a lot of things I liked to be a 'teenager' and 'cool'. Yuck)

~Phase where I thought I was bisexual (I looked for any sign that I might be straight, or bisexual. Any sign at all, and clung onto it.)

~Phase where I thought I was asexual and would never want to be with anyone (if only that were true)

~Classical Snob phase (I liked some 60s/70s/80s soft rock/oldies and modern rock I already liked, but aside from that I hated everything else. Literally)

~Super Depressing With No Reason phase (I got a massive wake-up call just out of high school)

~Progressive Christian phase (I'm a still-progressive atheist, now. Just so we're clear where the contrast is. =P) This one was only possible by creating a bubble around me, as I was still not really a believer for myself. I was just too weak to handle what happened before me and had to create something to keep me sane. Even still that bubble was popped, and I'm proud of myself for that, because I should not cling to things that don't make sense.


Oh, and how can I not mention instrument phases? I'm pretty much notorious for this for IRL friends who have known me since high school and before. Trumpet  -> Clarinet -> Bassoon -> Oboe. Although I never actually switched to clarinet, back in late 2004/early 2005 I was convinced that it was MY instrument, until the bassoon happened.


At one point I really wanted to play the french horn, too. And at one point I hated the saxophone. Like when I asked for a clarinet, my parents tried to convince me to go for the saxophone since my dad had/has an alto, and I was like "No. Why would I ever want to play that?" That didn't last when I tried it. The reason I didn't add it to the instrument phases is because I wanted to play it in conjunction with the bassoon and oboe, but still have yet to do so.

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Been there too man.




So my phases were:


- reserved and introverted


- metalhead elitist


- dope boy


- hippie 1


- hippie 2 (current, probably permanent.)

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I was a loud, mischievous and popular kid in primary school, and when I got to secondary school I got different friends and became more of an introverted geek who drank energy drinks, listened to dubstep and played video games all day, and then I became a gym rat obsessed with eating healthy and getting stronger and all that...still a geek tho  :P

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I moved around a lot through different countries so I kinda only had half a childhood to work with but it goes something like this.


- Gamer throughout elementary and halfway through middle school

- Emo phase because my laziness caught up to me and "nobody understood me blahblahblah"

- Junkie, just getting high every day and too stupid for anything so rather waste more time

- Recovering, living healthy, working out, finally admitted into university

-Full-time student and normal person although some more free time would be nice

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In 2009 I began going by a different name than the one I had had since birth. Largely, that shift was an attempt to put some distance between who I was and who I wanted to be. Then, in 2011 I decided to follow a long-term plan and live out a particular identity that I felt was roomy enough for me to develop. I think I'm getting to the end of that now, or at least I'm transitioning on to a more mature state. 2015/2016 so far has been pretty good to me and I'm realizing I don't need all the security blankets I've wrapped myself in. I feel like I'm about to slither out of my skin again soon.

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- As a baby and a kid, i've been introverted and played alone in my bedroom, just my imagination and I, and you know what? I found it more fun than playing with others. My family is great and nurturing, so i'm that kid who's smart and shy.


- As a teen, I've had many interests that lasted for a while, and the thing that changed my life was when I started to learn English. It's great being able to watch movies and play games that don't have a portuguese translation. That's when I discovered MLP, and it helped me learn english even more (the brazilian dub sucks). I'm still introverted and my family's still great, and i'm a big geek/nerd :derp:

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I don't feel like any of my phases really ended, but they sort of went from being a main part of a personality to a sub-part of my personality, if that makes sense. But some of the phases I've went through were:


- The "I want boys to notice me lololololol" phase

- The "I'm a hardcore, alternative teen who loves ~retro~ rock music and wears band tees from Hot Topic" phase

- The "I'm a deep poet and I have soooo0o0o0 many existential feelings" phase


- The "I'm coming out as bisexual and that's all i can think about and talk about" phase


- The "WOOOO I'm in college now!!!1111 let's get drunk!" phase

- The "I'm a giant overachiever and I'm involved in too many activities and I'm always s0oo0ooo busy" phase

- The "I'm gonna eat super healthy and organic!" phase

- The "I'm entering true adulthood and I'm super freaked out so I'm gonna regress and act like my freshman college self" phase


And now here I am. I suppose this phase would be called "Successful grown-ass professional woman with a house and a job and a fiance and a cat and many, many lipsticks and MLP toys." I hope that this isn't actually a phase and I will continue to be like this, because I enjoy how things are going right now :D

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I used to think I was going through a gay phase


Turned out I was just gay

I used to think i was going through a gay phase.

Turns out i was just angry at my ex and im bi.

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I had the most embarrassing weeaboo phase ever. I went to school while wearing cat ears or sometimes even a tail because 'that's how I liked to dress'. I also liked to draw anime-style characters with my poor skills back then and use Japanese words in the middle of casual sentences. There's nothing wrong with liking anime but I feel like I made it look bad for the rest of my class. 

The second phase was that one when 'everyone is so normal and boring and nobody understands me' kind of crap was a thing for me.

I believe one phase was also that I believed to be as straight as an arrow. Turned out I wasn't even near to that.  :rarity:

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 A while back I went into a girly girl phase. I was wearing makeup all the time, dresses and such. Thank God that one didn't last very long, a few months at most. And now, I guess I'm still going through it, I'm kinda going through the typical lesbian phase, short hair, tomboyish clothes. I don't think it's really a phase anymore since it's been going on for a good four years now. XD

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I had the most embarrassing weeaboo phase ever. I went to school while wearing cat ears or sometimes even a tail because 'that's how I liked to dress'. I also liked to draw anime-style characters with my poor skills back then and use Japanese words in the middle of casual sentences. There's nothing wrong with liking anime but I feel like I made it look bad for the rest of my class. 

I also went through a super embarrassing weeaboo phase. I was convinced Japan was the greatest country on earth, and changed my major to education. My grand plan was to move to Japan to teach English in High School. I was also convinced that Anime was the greatest art form ever made and no one respects it. Even though I was watching moeblob shows.


I once went to a convention with friends who only really watched shows as kids like DBZ. I went on a rant that the old shows they enjoyed were "not REAL anime" and how they need to watch shows like Lucky Star. So yeah, I was a huge jerk.


Nowadays I still enjoy anime frequently, but I don't have any of the delusions I had in my weeaboo phase.

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Mh lets see


- "I only do things I want to do"

- "No one understands me and my plans for the future"

- "I haven't actually got any plans for the future, I'm just enjoying my life right now"

- "There is no other person like me"

- "I'm better than everyone else"

- "I'm lazier than everyone else"

- "I only go outside to check the mailbox"

- "My life is a complete mess however I still haven't changed anything yet"

- "Sarcastic, cynical asshole who makes fun of everyone"

- "Maybe a brony"

- "Brony"

- "Reality hits you hard bro" (the point where I actually realized that I should probably change something in my life)

- "I finally got some real plans for the future"

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Not sure if I really went through phases? Depends on what exactly is meant by that. Closest I can think of is...


-2010 - 2011: Closest I was to becoming a furry, but that was denied because I became aware of MLP:FIM.

-2011 - Present: Bronydom. But is it still considered a phase if it lasted for almost 5 years?

-2012 - Present: Anti-SJW sentiment. However, I think this is more of an inherent trait of mine rather than a phase.


In terms of shifting social groups or sexuality, I can't think of any (except for maybe the aforementioned Furrydom and Bronydom if they count).

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“The Rainbow Dash phase” 

Yes. I literally wanted to be Rainbow Dash back when I was about 14. I even went to extremes by trying to get my voice to sound like hers in daily conversation. :sealed: Heh....and how cool I thought I was. CRINGE 

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The most memorable phase I went through was my "Jesus of Suburbia" phase. At the time, I was...not a happy person, since my hormones were VERY out of whack (I was 15), I was struggling in school, and I was still struggling with my shortcomings in having Aspergers. I was listening to a lot of Green Day, MCR, etc. at the time too (keep in mind this was 2013, when pop punk/emo was starting to fade out of the cultural zeitgeist) and GD's American Idiot really appealed to me. I identified with the main character, the titular "Jesus of Suburbia" for ALLLL the wrong reasons.

Hoooo boy, was I a little turd back then.

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