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Web Have you ever surfed on a Japanese website before?


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7 hours ago, cuteycindyhoney said:

I'm an anime fan, so yes. I used to like looking at fan art and the like. Be careful though. Not being able to read Japanese led me to some not so wholesome sites!

I wouldn't worry myself, since I know Japanese (although certainly not as much as in earlier life due to being a lot better in English).

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I do, it's where I do some of my shopping  and I know some people there in japan to do the order for me.

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Wrestling fan here. Pro-wrestling is a lot more popular in Japan than the states. 

New Japan Pro Wrestling is the biggest fed in the country and second biggest in the world. Depending on what's airing, I visit their streaming site multiple times a week. Over 100K users and counting. It's in Japanese, but has a passable Google translated version. Once you're on it long enough though, you won't even need it to navigate. 

Also, I visited the Japanese WWE page back in high school, as international sites managed to get through the schools fire wall. 


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