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What do you like on your burger?

Sugar Pea

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cheese, whatever cheese i dont care. except brie.


beef patty.

lettuce and tomato.

either ketchup or bourbon sauce. bourbon sauce on a burger is amazing.

and maybe bacon.

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A simple (melted) cheddar cheeseburger is always nice. Some tomato, maybe spicy brown mustard...


Pineapple slices and (melted) provolone, topped with either ranch or a bit of coconut cream...


Pickles and ketchup for a simple burger.


Stuff the inside of a meat patty with cheeses, peppers and spices before cooking...Mmmm.

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BEEF!.. real beef.. not that over processed trash most places have..


that aside, almost everything.

Hot sauce, peppers (green/red/hot), mustard, ketchup, lettuce, cheese, tomato, mushrooms, and whatever else I can pile on :)

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There are lots of things I like: Cheese, bacon, onions, horseradish...but my favorite is the breakfast burger I created for myself a couple years ago. Bacon, a fried egg, cheese, and a hash brown patty (not the chopped kind, like from McDonalds for example, but the shredded kind), and instead of a bun, two waffles with a very, very light coating of pure maple syrup, just enough to be maple-y without being too sweet. 


I'm also a fan of the Luther, which is a burger with or without bacon and an egg, and with a glazed doughnut sliced lengthwise instead of a bun. 

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Anything and everything thats available.  When I worked at Wendy's and we were closing for the nightwe could take home the hamburger or chicken meat , which was going to be thrown out anyway.  I made some interesting concoctions...

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