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  • I made it myself, using Microsoft Paint.
  • The six 'characters' (you could say) all represent me in their own way. King K. Rool is my prospective Smash Ultimate main, Barik is my Paladins main, Duskull is the basic counterpart to my favorite Pokémon, Luigi is my husbando :wub:, and Patricia Tannis is like an over exaggerated version of me. 
  • I forgot to mention Twilight. Similar case to Tannis.
  • I used blue to make it easier, due to one image not being transparent. 
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Mine is currently one I put together using a commission I had done of Kyoshi. Obviously the whole thing is Attack On Titan themed, as it is one of my favorite shows. The text style is meant to represent that as well.

As for the line below the image, it is a chorus line from the song Just Like You by the aggro-tech group NoLongerHuman.

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I made this Silverstream banner for a friend a couple of years ago but he switched to theming Cadance instead so I started using this banner as I like Silverstream too. The version I use here is a smaller edited version to better fit the sig limits here, I use the larger version for my cover photo on my profile page.

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I don't have the original source now, but someone made the Mane 6 in the style of the band Gorillaz.

The funny thing is that Lauren Faust was a huge fan of the actual Gorillaz artist Jamie Hewlett back in her college days. 

I googled a brick wall and used it for the background. I'm not a fan of Equestria Girls, and I like this humanized interpretation of them A LOT better. Their clothing choices in this maybe are a bit odd though.^_^ Oh and vampire Fluttershy?!?:mlp_confused:

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My current siggie and the one I will be using for a looooooooong time, is centered around a commission I had done by an excellent artist from FurAffinity. That place has so many immensely talented peeps and I am very happy I found the one that I did. Cost me around $45 which is the most expensive commission I've ever gotten but it was so friggin worth it. I absolutely adore how it turned out. If you want to see the full version, see it in my blog post linked above the image, titled Self Acceptance. That also will provide full context as to what the commission is about.

I did my own adjustments to levels, color balancing and other things in the signature itself. Beyond that, I added in shapes to the background and the text of course, which I did in an Animal Crossing style. Turned out quite well methinks. :) My favorite signature I've ever had and that's saying a lot.

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6 hours ago, Califorum said:

I like Pony of Shadows but I'll probably be changing it later to another villain just to have a fresh look.

Mine was sorta inspired by the "ponehenge" runes. So its just english transliteration into unicode runic characters.

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