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What is your favorite mlp species?

Brianna Changeling

Favorite MLP Species?  

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  1. 1. Favorite mlp Species:

    • Any Breed of Pony
    • Dragons
    • Other

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I like the Changelings, and I'm also quite fond of gryphons (I prefer this spelling over "griffon", by the way). I'm infatuated with their designs.

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Changelings are really interesting and I am so glad that we are going to see more of them during this season.

I hope we get to learn a little bit more about their culture and get some decent worldbuilding out of it.

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My favorite species is any that doesn't work towards further establishing the multiuniversal order in an attempt to dominate our human world. The government is hiding secrets, and this is one of them. MLP is real in another universe and most species are currently working towards heading to Earth and enslaving each and every one of us. The Lizard People are working with them, in fact they're disguised as dragons. My colleague has further elaborated on this in another post.



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Dragons, since I've considered dragons super awesome for such a long time. My appreciation of the species grew even bigger when I saw the Dragon Lord - so huge and mighty. :proud:  I also like it how diverse the bunch of dragons were in the episode.

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I love the ponies, ain't gonna lie. But I do love dragons and Griffons too. There is a lot to be said about the cool look of the Phoenix. They're such awesome birds. 


But I'll do as I'm told and say Changelings. I'm so easy.  :please:

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I'm pretty sure you all know mind. They have hooves & such like most of the MLP races...with some additional features. XD



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Personally I really like the Yaks.







Nah, probably earth ponies, rarely do you see OC of them as most people pick Unicorns or Pegasi. 



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My favorite is pegasus,because sometimes I just imagine flying in the air!Wind blowing in your face!I mean,isn't everyone's childhood dream flying?Just imagine being able to sleep on clouds!Looking down on Ponyville!Sounds like paradise to me!

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