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My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) - Reviews/Reactions/Discussion Thread


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I agree, it was amazing! I just saw it again on Friday and it blew me away all over again. I usually don't like it when the villains turn good in the show all the time but with Tempest it flowed more naturally and didn't stop the action to beat the audience over the head with a big speech about it. I loved the way The Storm King was defeated. That's a first! 

This is such a great movie, I can't wait to see it yet again! :love:

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IT WAS THE BEST MOVIE EVER I SAW OPENING WEEKEND I was a little disappointed that they didn't use the elements of harmony in it it would have been so much cooler and it was basically tyrek told all over again but it was still awesome 

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Apologizes in advance for the wall of text... :derp:

I finally got to see the movie yesterday morning at the local theater. It's a small theater, but it was packed nonetheless. I am surprised the movie fell to 15th over the weekend - by the crowd I thought it would do better!

It could have been a better moviegoing experience, however. The image on the screen was a bit out of focus. Also the theater seemed to be completely filled with families and their kids, and while the kids didn't cause any problems, the father sitting to the left of me was annoying. He insisted on texting with his cellphone and even fell asleep 2/3rds of the way into the movie and started snoring. Fortunately, he got some important text that woke him up and he had to leave the theater, leaving his kids with their mom. It sucked for them but he really didn't belong in there if he wasn't going to be a courteous audience member. =P

As for the movie itself, it was... okay. That was my one-word reaction following the closing credits as I left the auditorium. If I were to rate it based on the voting scale we use here on the forums, it would sit somewhere between "meh" and "liked", and I would probably bump it up to "liked" for at least trying to say something important and not screwing up any of the characters in a big way. On a 10-scale it's a 7 - not bad but not great.

It's funny, this movie reminds me so much of how I felt after seeing "An American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West." It has the same squishy characters and same style of villain mostly played for laughs. (Cat R. Waul was a more complex villain than the Storm King, however. <_< ) A couple of really good songs but many others that were just meh. A mixed bag.

The film's biggest problem is it plays everything so safe there isn't much for the audience to feel anything. There is some sympathy for the characters and some funny moments but the really evocative scenes are few and far between. It's a problem when the biggest "feel" I got during the movie was when Derpy ran to try and save her favorite princess - that scene actually got me choked up because it was something I never knew about Derpy - she is really devoted to Twilight. There have been hints from her dressing up as her in "Scaremaster" but I never knew she idolized her so much. It's a nice detail, though I suspect the scene was meant to be funny and instead I had the opposite reaction and found it really sad.

Speaking of the jokes, I agree with those that say they are mostly corny. Some of them brought out a chuckle but others left me and the rest of the audience without a reaction or even doing a facepalm. And that leads me into my next problem: Twilight.

So I've read everyone's comments about Twilight's desperation move and the split it causes with her friends, and while I agree there were signs she was under stress, the aforementioned attempts at humor and the musical numbers undermine any of that feeling for the audience. I certainly didn't feel like she was particularly bothered by Pinkie and Rainbow's actions (and let us be fair here - they were the only two friends really causing any issues - Rarity, AJ, Fluttershy and Spike were blameless for the bad things that happened during their journey) and in fact it seemed like Twilight's eye-rolling over their shenanigans was just the usual "Pinkie being Pinkie/Rainbow being Rainbow" reaction we've seen over 7 seasons.

In fact I was just as shocked as her friends when she was caught trying to steal the pearl. I suppose it gets credit for being one of the few moments in the movie that wasn't predictable (yeah the predictability of so much of the story was also an issue, but I seem to have become desensitized to such things) but she really needed to show some subtle hints she was falling apart on the inside. Heck, she showed more anxiety over the party planning in the opening scene than she did after Canterlot was invaded! So while it's not an OOC moment and I like the idea that she decided to follow Capper's lead and basically become like one of the Klugetown denizens and take the pearl, the movie fails to deliver the necessary emoting to counteract all the lighthearted moments that would make the scene fully believable. If they had done it correctly, few (if any) viewers would have complained.

Of the musical numbers present in the actual movie (not the credits) I only really enjoyed two of them - "I'm the Friend you Need" being my favorite and "Open Up Your Eyes" being my second. I will admit "Time to be Awesome" is pretty catchy and has grown on me since I first heard the preview of it and wrote comments about it making me feel uneasy. RD's lyrics are still clunky, but I loved the parts where Celeano got to sing. The rest of the songs were kinda were meh for me.

"Open Up Your Eyes" still sounds pretty reminiscent of Snowfall Frost's number in "A Hearthswarming Tail", but I liked it nonetheless.

Of the new characters, Capper and Celaeno are my two favorites. Tempest was good as well, but she has the unfortunate circumstance of following in Starlight's hoofsteps. She's Starlight - good with powerful magic but with a tragic past - with a better backstory. I can understand how a unicorn would feel if they lost the part of their body that allows them to use magic effectively. It would have been interesting if she had had a scene with Scootaloo - her situation with her wings is similar in nature and it would've been an evocative scene if the two of them had a chance to chat at the end of the film.

However, I'm not sure adding all these new characters was for the best. As others have stated, the movie spends precious little time in each location before it has to move on to introduce new characters. The fake seaponies just seemed to be in there as fanservice or to sell toys. If they had concentrated on just the Mane and Crested 7 (my new term for that group, lol) I think it would have been a better film. All these new characters were there to allow the use of big-name talent, but did it really help with box office sales? I suppose they were hoping to bring in a wider audience, but from the box office results I don't think it worked and in retrospect probably wasn't worth it. I don't think fans of the show or parents with kids came to see the movie just for the big-name stars. I suppose it's possible Lionsgate would have refused to greenlight the movie at all if it didn't have any well-known actors, which is unfortunate.

Let's talk about Spike for a bit. While it was awkward to suddenly see Twilight throw her friends under the bus, the scene we got right after made it mostly worth it. Though I have to admit, that scene caused me to panic a bit because I was shouting in my head, "Spike! Don't you dare leave Twilight! She needs you right now!" I loved how he had to decide, and it was reminiscent of "A Canterlot Wedding" - except they got it right this time. I always thought it was a mistake for him to leave with the others when she accused Cadance of being evil. I do wish he had more than one line of thoughtful commentary before getting caught by the big goon.

And that's the other big moment in the film for me. If you've seen my episode comments, I've occasionally wished Spike would act less like a pony and more like a dragon. Well, he gets to shine in his role as a dragon here. The scene of him biting and then breathing fire on the goon is actually more important than the scene later where Capper uses him as a flamethrower. (I have to admit, he now has a really impressive range and accuracy compared to when he ran away and found that green dragon in the cave.) There, it is mostly Capper's decision to use his offensive capabilities. But with that goon, he decides for himself to attack the bad guy, even if it was a move made out of desperation. It also marks the first time we've ever seen him bite someone, and knowing how hard and sharp his teeth are, it wouldn't surprise me if the wound was really deep. Nice of him to follow up and catch him on fire at the same time to cauterize the wound I guess? XD

It was refreshing to see him use his flame at all, actually. Not only was he using it like a regular dragon would, he also inflated the hot air balloon and was the candle on the trojan cake. The show seems to have forgotten he can send messages or can breathe fire at all, so seeing it here for the first time in a while made me cheer.

What else? I already alluded to me not caring for the Storm King. He was just a bit too hokey, though Liev Schreiber does a good job working with the script he was given. Tempest was good and those that have said she should have been the main villain is something I can agree with. I guess they wanted to kill someone off and it would have been a big downer to kill off a pony with a tragic past. I don't know what to say about Grubber. He's mostly innocuous but didn't really add anything since the Storm King was already a goofball.

I still don't like the film's pony designs - the eyes are too big and the snouts are too small. The three princesses and Tempest all have heads like the show, why couldn't like make the Mane 6 look like that? Marketing to little girls, I guess - but it's a distraction for me to see these cutesy versions of the characters I know and love.

While I like Celeano a lot she needed to be more emotive. It's true the character animation in general is very expressive, but when her and a few others are talking in excited, anxious tones the facial expressions are instead flat and unemotional. Some of that is personal preference - being raised on classic Disney and Don Bluth films - but it seems like whoever was doing the keyframes for Feathers there needed to go back to the drawing board (as it were XD )

The underwater city didn't seem like impressive to me. Maybe it's because it was a static 2D background and much of everything else was 3D? The music builds and then open up on their home and it left me underwhelmed.

Speaking of that music, the background music Daniel Ingram came up with for those scenes is my favorite of the film. It has a soaring, ethereal sound to it and reminds me of the background music in a typical Miyazaki animated flick.

I think I'll end it there. It's not a bad movie but like others have said it doesn't take any chances, save for killing off the big, bad guy and showing minions running around after getting toasted by dragonfire. (And putting a dick joke in an MLP film - but they already did that when Spike poked Garble in a sensitive area back in S2. XD ) I wish they would have pushed the envelope further than they did, or at least made it more cerebral like "Zootopia."

It would have been interesting to see the original draft with the evil alicorn as the bad guy on the screen, though that too would have been another characters-on-a-journey story, and such stories are difficult to get right many times because of their inherent nature of constantly introducing new characters that disappear after the end of the chapter, rarely tying everything together in big "aha" moments that I have a personal preference for. While it's true everyone came together for the climax in this film, they didn't really do much with them other than be part of a Cavalry of sorts.

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I don't know how long it's been since i've seen anything relating to My Little Pony, more than a year maybe, but i just finished watching the movie and oh boy, was it pretty great. The animation was very impressive and additional effects not normally seen in TV show like the soft shadows made everything look so much better.

Probably my most favorite aspect was the new character designs where the face would curve around the eyes, so damn nice.

Emily Blunt as Commander Tempest was great, her voice was as sharp and harsh as it needed to be for Tempest to be as good as she was. Tempest's song was also maybe my favorite though they were all good.

Probably the most sobering feeling from watching this movie was that man, I missed being on MLPForums. 

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Finally, I was able to see it. I loved it, the animation and songs were stunning, the voice acting, atmosphere and emotion were sublime and the fast-paced nature kept this movie from ever being boring. Though some of the story beats fell to the same weakness of the show, particularly Celestia, Luna and Cadance being subdued without putting up a fight, everyone had good dialogue, especially Pinkie Pie. The criticism levied against Applejack and especially Fluttershy being criminally marginalized is warranted as is the off-screen climax where Twilight somehow manages to out-manouver the Storm King (wtf?) in the tornado but notwithstanding his limited screen time, at least the Storm King possessed adequate menace and Grubber was not nearly as annoying as I thought he would be.


If ever there existed a film that needs a director's cut, it's this one. As the prequel comics and the concept art book have illustrated, so much more could have been done to flesh out Capper, Celaeno and her crew and especially the Storm King but given the runtime they opted for, their backstories were cohesive and tinged with just the right modicum of mystery that may just invite you to uncover more. It was a great shame that they shelved the travelling montage as the concept art is breathtaking and only serves to show general audiences the grand scope and sheer splendour of Equestria. Also, I was surprised with the lack of action for Fluttershy and Rarity, those two have faced and beaten much worse than some stupid Storm Creatures so contrary to popular belief, ironically this film could have used longer action scenes and more violence, if A Canterlot Wedding and Twilight's Kingdom are anything to go by.


Overall, My Little Pony: The Movie had its cake and ate it. I've given this film due consideration both as a fan and an outsider and its only real flaws are its runtime and the fact that it felt it was holding back majorly but it is a testament to everyone involved in the production that ultimately, despite these, this film was a bundle of fun, beautifully encapsulated the spirit of this franchise and easily stands among the top tier of animated films this year for an easy 8-8.5/10. Disregard Rotten Tomatoes' 46% and 39%, avoid IGN and Hollywood Reporter at all costs and the inundation of shitposters and trolls that have percolated seemingly everywhere.


It's legitimate.

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I just find it odd how very Specif that whole storm ritual is. I mean the runes were on the floor on Celestia throne room for pete sake. Why did Celeeatia have those in her floor? Was it part of the ritual?

and also that whole four alicorns for it to work seem even MORE specific Requirements.

What next it has to be done on the full moon, during a leap year?

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It was good, just about what I expected. Great animation and music as usual and I liked the new characters. I just wish some of the others had more relevance, since I felt that they were just sitting in the background. Was also kind of surprised that they outright killed off the Storm King. You don't expect that out of a children's movie. 

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The movie was enjoyable, but on the whole I found it a bit underwhelming.

For one, I didn't care much for the art style. Everything seemed just too glittery, the Mane 6's eyes too large even for this series. I could watch it, sure, but I much prefer the show's style.

Next, we have yet another uncontested loss from the Princesses against the villain. What were these rocks? How did this magic work? Their ease at capturing the Princesses wasn't even handwaved, we just had to accept that it had the power to capture ponies with godlike powers without any chance of being defeated. For that matter, what exactly was the staff the Storm King had? Who made it, and when was it made? It was explicitly meant to harness the power of the four princesses, but Twilight's only been a princess for a short while, so that would suggest it was made after she ascended.

Who was the Storm King? All villains in the show themselves are given at least some background. Nightmare Moon was Luna's evil side, Discord was a spirit of chaos and an old enemy of Celestia and Luna's, Sombra used to be a tyrant, Tirek was an escaped criminal, and Starlight got her backstory in the Cutie Re-Mark. But this Storm King didn't get any explanation, he was just there to provide the film with a completely disposable villain, and not one I particularly cared for either. I really didn't like his particular brand of goofy, nor did I care much for Tempest's little helper whose name I've forgotten.

On the subject of Tempest, I think she was by far the best developed character in the movie. Unlike Starlight's, I found her motivation to become evil far more believable and she was portrayed as a cunning and powerful antagonist. She did a great job of carrying the movie, in my opinion. I even like the fact that her real name is about as dorky as it's humanly possible to conceive.

The film's pace, I think, was too high. The attack came out of nowhere, the initial 'fight' was a complete rout, and after that it was just a checklist of setpieces they had to get through. The Mos Eisley ripoff town really didn't add much to the story, and I really didn't care one bit for Capper as a character. I'd rather they would have skipped that area and fleshed out the rest of the movie more.

The hippogriffs, on the other hand, did have a reason to be in the movie, considering they had a magical macguffin the Mane 6 needed. I'm not exactly aware of how it would have helped them, but they at the very least had a reason to be there. I was actually quite impressed with Twilight's plan to steal the crystal. I understood her reasoning for it, even though creating an international diplomatic nightmare probably isn't a good idea in general. I wasn't as impressed, however, with her inept attempt to actually take it. She's a unicorn with nigh-infinite magical potential and a vast array of spells, surely she could have done better than just grabbing it. The confrontation on the beach that followed Twilight's failed heist was incredibly forced, yet I do think it was at least done well. Twilight's anger and her friends' disappointment in her were done fairly well and it provided the necessary room for Tempest to capture Twilight.

Then, the battle with the Storm King. Even with the empowered staff, I still found him far less impressive than Twilight when she held the power of all the alicorns. All he did was play around the sun and moon for a bit and then conjure a storm, and he still lost the battle due to his own strange deus-ex-machina crystals (which he could have known considering how easily they beat the other Princesses). I also figured that Twilight would use the staff's powers to return Tempest's horn, because I have no doubt it could have done so at no detriment to any of the alicorns, but for whatever reason they didn't go with that route.

That sort of does it for the plot of the movie, but I have more to nitpick. Throughout the movie, I wondered one thing: where was Starlight? We've seen just a few seconds of her and she did absolutely nothing despite having enough power and skill to fight an alicorn to a standstill. She's also clever and resourceful, so why wasn't at least a token effort made to show her being defeated? Hell, they already had their magical plot coupons of doom in the shape of the black crystals, just show her being neutralized with one of those. Same goes for Discord. Last time Fluttershy was in danger he went into full badass mode, even though his magic was suppressed afterwards. This time he was nowhere to be seen, yet I highly doubt Twilight wouldn't have invited him to such a huge event. Again, a simple handwave would have been enough, just a few seconds of screentime. I wasn't satisfied with the defeat of the Princesses but at least it was shown.

Ultimately, I feel the film was let down by all of these things. I still enjoyed watching it, but if I compare it to, for instance, Rainbow Rocks, it falls way short. In RR, the villains had a backstory, however small. Celestia and Luna were neutralized through the cunning and guile of the villains, using their established powers instead of unexplained crystals. The 'darkest hour' anger between the group was justified and properly built up, and the final showdown actually showed the power of friendship, rather than 'save life, become bff' like it happened here. And RR didn't have this budget or a worldwide theatrical release. Honestly, I had expected more from the movie.

The final rating I'd therefore give it would be a 6,5/10.

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The movie was great, I really liked it ^^

All of the music was awesome, and the animation was great too ^^

The Storm King was... insane... I swear he lost his mind somewhere XD

However I missed one character from the show... Discord.

It would have been funny to see as Discord and the Storm King fighting with eachother XD

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On 11/18/2017 at 6:38 PM, Dark Qiviut said:

Published my review for MLP:TM two days ago after spending over a month writing it.

Because it's really long, I won't copy and paste it. Instead, here's the link to it:


Don't feel too bad there..I have been sitting on mine for about a month or so as well. I am just about done with it and I will post it.

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 I seen the movie in October, I did enjoyed it. Good to see almost every ponies from Tv series in the movie. Also see Derpy in it. Mostly people love Tempest but Skystar I'm more into. I believe movie not great with critics, but not sure what else to say about it. Movie will be one of the highlight of this year.

I put spoiler in case, I know this movie was two months ago in cinema

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Old review is old..sorry I have been meaning to post this



On Thursday, I went downtown to see an advance screening of My Little Pony: The Movie. I was quite nervouscited as this was a monumental event, and since I had avoided spoilers, I did not know what to expect. One thing I did not expect was the empty theatre, save for three other people. Deputes the low turnout (presumably with it being advance screening and probably few people knowing about it), I took my seat and prepared myself for thr movie. There was a brief animated short before thr movie, who's name escapes Mr at the moment. I watched it with amusement and a touch of eagerness to start the movie. Finally, the time came. The Lions gate logo appeared before us, before eventually transitioning to a strange spark flying over something. It flashed occatiobally, as if to hint at us what we could be seeing. It was revealed to us that the structure was the logo itself! It illuminated the screen with a hue of many colors, with an orchestral rendition of thr theme song. Truely, we were here. This was happening.


I feel like I should keep this simple and to the point..*ahem*


Right from thr start, I was amazed with how breathtaking and fluid thr animation was, especially when we have a fly-though of Canterlot Square. While there, we were treated to a myriad of Easter eggs, with characters like Cheese Sandwich, Trixie, Starlight, to name a few, which the long-time fans of the show wll enjoy.


I have seen comments regarding thr animation ad Disney-esque. And I would agree with those statements; ToonBoom Harmony was a tremendous upgrade for thr silver screen, which the animators took full advantage of. I could see it in every expression, every movement and scene. I was transfixed by this spectacle and could not look away.


Tempest Shadow was a pony whom caught my interest from the initial trailers, and had me curious as to her role within the movie. As I watched, I became quite enthralled with her as a character and toward her motivations.


A very critical moment was where Twilight tried to extract the orb from the Seaponies and used her friends as a distraction. I kinda saw how she was thinking that, and it made me wonder if her friends where in on her plan. When it was revealed that it wasn’t, that really hindered things for Twilight and company. Especially when things came to a head on the island they washed up on when Twilight went off on Pinkie Pie. I was shocked at her behavior, I will be honest. And it really hit home with the rest of the Mane 6’s reactions. I could not help but feel sad for their state of mind. All their efforts up to that point had been in vain and they were reeling from that. It may seem weird to say, but I am glad that Twilight’s abduction pulled the rest of the Mane 6 out of their funk.



Prior to thr movie, I chose to avoid any of the songs, as I wanted to hear them in thr movie..a choice that I don't regret in thr slightest. "Open up you eyes" was and is an amazing song, sung by Emily Blunt. It really captured thr feel of the character and a bit of her motivations as well. I was truely blown away by that song..I would definitely say that it is one of thr best and captivating songs in the series..right up there with This Day Aria. Capper's song, "I'm the friend you Need" was an amusing and deceptive song..underlying his dubious intentions toward our hero's as he lulled them into a false sense of secutity..which reminds me of  Trust in Me from Jungle Book. One Small Thing was a dazzling song, completely with stellar visuals that one could lose themselves in. It was an innocent song thst contrasted with Twilight's intentions toward their situation. I wiuld highly recommend picking up the soundtrack if you haven't done so..you will want to listen to this music on repeat for quite a while..even add it to your pony music library.


Anyway, I feel as though I must wrap this up


My Little Pony: The Movie was a wonderful telling of our Mane 6 heroes upon the big screen, with dazzling visuals, new locations, and a brilliant musical soundtrack..you will want to go to visit Equeatria again and again..if you haven't done so already..


Well, that's it..those are my thoughts on the movie. I hope you enjoyed this revirw..idff you have questions, feel free to contact me about them if I missed anything


Crimson_Fire,  out!

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here is my list on the MLP movie (2017)

-i feel ya twilight. dashie is show-off on her "awesome" rainboom as usual and jeopardizing the mission by "encouraging" the parrot pirates 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ nice encouraging song girlie. but stop showing off sooo much!!!
-no doubt dash is just as villainous as katara 
-i also agreed with twily that this handsome kitty sniffs trouble
-tempest was also a cool villain by her broken childhood and horn. hope she'd fry that kitten traitor tonight (even he’s that charming)
-rarity + clover = high flair multitaskers 💋💋 (totally spies reference)
-syaobaby + twilight = earnest match (Tsubasa chronicles reference)
-sakura (cardcaptor sakura and possibly tsubasa chronicles) and flutters are a close tie
-spike looks cute and funny as a puff-fish
-pinkie and tomoyo are party throwers (Cardcaptor Sakura)
-this yeti villain/storm king is just insane
-i also wished tempest would replace starlight
-awesome movie overall: loved the friendship lessons about flawed friendships and trust. I rate it A-
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Went to my local Walmart last night to pick up the movie; they were sold out  of the blu-ray and only had two copies on DVD left.

Not sure if this is indicative of the rest of the country or not, but it appears the movie is selling well.

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7 hours ago, takai said:

Went to my local Walmart last night to pick up the movie; they were sold out  of the blu-ray and only had two copies on DVD left.

Not sure if this is indicative of the rest of the country or not, but it appears the movie is selling well.

I noticed that around my local stores that the blu ray versions are completely gone too. I only see the DVD versions now. I made sure to get the target special edition on day 1, because I had a feeling it was going to sell like hot cakes. Good to know it's selling well.

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On 1/23/2018 at 5:36 PM, ultrairongorilla said:

I noticed that around my local stores that the blu ray versions are completely gone too. I only see the DVD versions now. I made sure to get the target special edition on day 1, because I had a feeling it was going to sell like hot cakes. Good to know it's selling well.

I had the same experience in my first attempt to rent the movie in a Redbox. Had to wait like half a week before I could rent it in blu-ray. I hope that's good news, and make Hasbro consider another movie before moving to G5, even if it's straight to video :fluttershy: 

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I just got the DVD (actually the combo pack but I don't have a Blu-ray player) and watched it. I thought it was a great movie. :pinkie: The animation, while different from the show, was very good. While it was a lot longer than the normal episodes, the length wasn't a problem – the film didn't drag on at any moment. I also enjoyed the voice work – obviously the voice cast from the show did a great job as always but so did the guest stars (Sia in particular impressed me). The new characters were good – I especially liked Tempest, the Storm King and Capper.

I plan to rewatch the movie at some point, as there were a lot of details that were easy to miss (a lot of characters having small cameos). The first time watching it was very enjoyable, even seeing some spoilers beforehand didn't ruin the experience. I'll soon watch the various special features. Bring on season 8! B)

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5 hours ago, Tacodidra said:


I plan to rewatch the movie at some point, as there were a lot of details that were easy to miss (a lot of characters having small cameos). 

Like Ash Ketchum's cap :dash: ?

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