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Your favorite pony is evil what would you do

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Are we talking dark magic as in: "I got an emotional auchie so I tuned into a bigger, sparklier version of myself," or are we talking shadow magic? If it's the latter, has the pony in question gained control? Have they gotten red-pilled and now want to smash the system corrupted by the intangible influence of Harmony? I'd take in any such sane creature. Nightmares, on the other appendage, usually just want to take over their home country due to some silly revenge plot and must thus be brought down. Even in that state they are still puppets of the light.

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Evil is such a vague term these days, as is treason. Congratulations on committing the latter. In the name of (Enter Favorite Pony's Name Here) you have been sentenced to joining the other million or so dissidents.

Honestly though, If they can come up with a rational reason for their decisions and rightfully take over, then I'll be the first to ask for a seat in their cabinet.

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21 hours ago, TwilySparky said:

Take over Equestria with her.


21 hours ago, Califorum said:

I would take over Equestria with her, and then betray her and then be the sole ruler of the world.


I would do the first thing but I would *never* betray Twilight Sparkle. 

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I will rule as Twilight's second in command. We will first recruit henchponies all across Equestria and build our secret lair in the Everfree forest.

The first step of our global domination will be to burn down the tree of harmony (which has always been the biggest threat towards evil). 

With the tree of harmony out of the way, our invasion will begin at Ponyville. Using Twilight's close relationship with the mane 6 (Starlight filling in as the sixth pony), she is well aware of their weaknesses. We will divide and conquer until Ponyville is ours. With Ponyville captured, Canterlot will formally declare war and we are not strong enough to go head to head with Celestia and Luna. 

Now, the Ponyville castle will be our base camp and we will rally more ponies to join our cause by teaching them  The Magic of Alliance. Our invasion will no doubt attract attention of other villains in Equestria. We will convince Queen Chrysalis to join our cause. She will play a vital role in whats coming next. 

The wealth of magical items in the castle will no doubt give us an upper hand against the remaining princesses. We will lay siege upon Canterlot, cutting off all outgoing communications (we can't let them contact their allies outside of Equestria). The siege could take weeks if not months. But hopefully by cutting off their food supply, we will throw the capital into chaos. A few weeks into the siege and all the Canterlot guards will be tired and weary. This is where Chrysalis's power comes in handy. She will disguise herself as a royal guard and enter the castle at night. Hopefully, with the power of the magical relics at her disposal and the element of surprise she can keep the princesses contained (for a little while). At the same time, we will launch a surprise attack and (with the princesses preoccupied with chrysalis) take over the castle. Using the time travel spell, we will then send the princesses through time... into the future where they can't return. 

With the capital under our control, ponies across Equestria will start losing hope. We will take them over one by one (although at this point, most will probably surrender rather than putting up a fight). We will split to two armies, with Chrysalis campaigning south to Appleloosa, which is important as they produce food supplies. I shall campaign East to Fillydelphia, Baltimare and Manehatten.

At this point Chrysalis will be eager to reclaim her thrown as the queen of the changelings. Once we rallied our two armies, we will strike against the changling hive. With the changelings (now much more peaceful) subdued, we will once again turn them evil and use them to invade Cloudsdale. 

Now, with most of Equestria under our control, we will go after the Crystal empire. The Crystal empire however is much further north, making it difficult to attack. Instead, we will let Twilight's little assistance (now known as Spike the Dreadful) to pretend to go there on a diplomatic mission. The crystal ponies will no doubt let him in due to their past. Once inside, Spike will threaten to smash the crystal heart unless Cadence forfeit her throne and open the gates. Due to her love for the ponies (and not wanting the whole city to be swallowed up by snow), Cadence will submit to Twilight's will. 

Equestria is now conquered. Twilight will forever be known as Twilight Sparkle, Queen of harmony, the undeniable, protector of Equestria, mother of a dragon and the breaker of friendship. 

But why stop there? With the legion of ponies under our command we shall create an empire so big that it will make the Storm king jealous. The griffins and hippogryphs are hardly a challenge to our magic. The only real threat will be the Yaks to the north and the dragons to the south. 

But just before our plan for world domination is complete, Twilight will start seeing me as a threat and find some excuse to dispose of me. I will be dragged away by Lieutenant Rainbow Dash and Admiral Rarity while yelling "I was with you since the beginning! How can you do this to me?!!" And just before being executed by General Angel Bunny, I would close my eyes and think "where did everything go wrong...." 

*End scene* 

--------------------------------------------------------Roll credits ----------------------------------------------------------------

Mid credit scene: A deranged Pinkie Pie walks out a cave with an evil smirk on her face: "My name is Pinkie, for we are many". And following her were ten-thousand Pinkie Pies. "It is time to make the world pink."

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