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Dubstep Discussion Thread



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i like dubstep.


as with every other kind of music, there are good producers in the genre, and there are bad ones. the thing about dubstep, though, is that it is very, very mainstream, thus you hear it pretty much everywhere today, and thus, lots of generic, bad dubstep is produced. not any more different than most kinds of music, just much more noticable in dubstep, due to it being, as i said, very mainstream.


might have more points to add here, but i am very tired typing this.

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I'm not too fond of dubsetep myself, and most techno/electronic stuff too. I just don't have that thing in my brain that says "hey this sounds good" only certian people have it. I listen to metal for instance. Some people just don't get any enjoyment out of it. Though I like techno aspects put into metal. A lot of metal bands have keyboardists now, and its booming too. So if a metal band doesn't over do it, it sounds bad ass.

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I love good dubstep. I didn't even know it existed until sometime last year when someone on ponychan linked me to a video and now I see it everywhere. It's awesome driving with the windows down blasting it through my 1000 watt subwoofers. You just can't get the full experience until you hear it on a good system.

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*Throws up all over the floor*


*Stumbles back, trying to regain my focus, but then -- MORE VOMIT!*


Seriously though, I can't stand it. At all. It all literally sounds the same, especially the "drop offs". I've always thought it just sounds like techno, but played backwards. Then chopped and screwed.

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