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If you told your past self you would like My Little Pony, how would they react?

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I'd laugh, punch myself in the fact, and steal the Dalorian/Tardis I used to achieve this moment. Bam, now I'm a time traveling Baller. I didn't choose the thug life, Rarity chose it for me.


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Probably would have ignored my past self or knocked myself out. Or maybe I would have given the show a chance earlier. That's more likely to have happened if not that, then probably just me being surprised.

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If I were to go into the past I think I would tell myself something a bit more important than that. Try harder in school, lay off the bottle and the drugs, etc. If my younger self saw me today, he would probably be intimidated.

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How would my past-self react? Hmmmm, time for a Far Cry 3 quote

"The first time someone told me that... I dunno, I thought he was bullshitting me so boom, I shot him. But the thing is, he was right"


So yeah, I'd probably shoot my older self. Then, when I get older and begin to love MLP, I will remember NOT to tell my past self about my MLP addiction, so I won't get shot. But wait, that'll mean my past self will never find out I love MLP, and that was the question of this thread.... I'm confused


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Since I grew up with G1 and collected G1 ponies even back then; If I could go back and tell myself anything about MLP, I would tell myself to buy doubles of the toys and keep one pony unopened so I could sell it later on ebay...

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I would just say this in shock:


"Wait! WWHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Your parents would have killed you before you could get HERE!"


And sit for minutes, numb, wondering "WTF is wrong with me???"



Well, I don't mind now :P and i think my parents would be okay with it

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"Wait, so you went through all the trouble of becoming a time traveler JUST to tell me I'm going to like a cartoon? Stop playing games with me! What's so important that you had to come from the future to tell me?! If you came to see me, then surely I have a part to play in all of this!"


So yeah, the idea that I'm going to like an unlikely cartoon would be the least of my worries under such circumstances so let's make the scenario just a little less implausible; let's say before you became a brony, you had a dream that showed you doing everything you're doing now; watching the episodes, going on forums, etc.


In that case, I'd probably dismiss it as a dream and just do whatever it is I normally do.

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To be honest, I've wondered this myself at times. I've always been a loner so didn't have a group of friends that would have judged me so there's no telling. But I don't like pondering the past as much as looking forward to what the future holds

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I think I figured out how it would go.


Me: Yeah, you will watch and like My little pony.

Past me: What...are you serious?

Me: yeup.

Past me: Wtf! Why would I like that crap? Its for girls.

Me: So is Sailor Moon, dumbass.

Past me: but its cute shit though.

Me: And pokemon isnt? Jigglypuff, HELLO!

Past me: Ok, so its probably shit written and acted too.

Me: oh no...it's really good there. But wait till you watch Power Rangers Megaforce...and pay close attention to Troy.

Past me: Why?

Me: Oh, I'm not going to spoil that crapfest.

Past me: So, then you're a little girl then.

Me: And that makes you the same, since I am you...

Past me: ...I hate me.

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My former self would either try to kill me (present self) or enter a state of gloom.  My former self would organize a group of friends to attempt to wipe the bronies from existence to prevent the future, which would fail.  Half of said group, including myself, would convert.  As some have said, that would mean that I would have become a brony sooner than I actually did.

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Let's see, if I told my past self- well, it'd be different according to age. So it'd be like:


7 Year Old Me: "I love ponies too!"
10 Year Old Me: "Ponies? But that's for like, girly-girls!"

13 Year Old Me: "Ew, you like ponies? Anime and manga is so much cooler. Kawaii desu desu."

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I'd have been laughing. But that's because that was Gen 3 My Little Pony. I was also an immature kid growing up. I still am a little immature at times today.



Here is a possible conversation:

Me: Well, I like ponies.

Past Self: What? Isn't that for... GIRLS?

Me: That's something I should explain too...

Past Self: What....?

Me: Samus is a girl, so shut up. I kind of may be girly-ish... And like guys.

Past Self: That's... Unique. I never even knew those kind of people existed...

Me: Oh wait till Meerkat Manor gets bad... That'll be a real doozy.

Past Self: This show will always be good...

Me: Yeah before the next season. I won't spoil something for you.

Oh, and one day you will not have your GameCube. Instead, you'll have... Uh... Nothing.

Past Self: WHAT?!?! This is ridiculous.

Me: Quite. But you will learn how cruel life can be. You will one day live in Texas. This glorious state of Washington will not be home anymore. And no more pet rats! Grandma HATES those!

Past Self: Dang. That sounds pretty bad.

Me: It is. Oh trust me, you will truly miss your days of luxury. You will have attempted suicide TWICE by this time in your life. Realize that the authority is sometimes wrong. You also will grow to dislike Magic the Gathering, but that won't be for awhile. You will also become a nerd.

Past Self: Like I didn't believe... The last one. Everything else, DANG. Will I get bitten by a rat too?

Me: Yep. Look at this nasty scar. Remind you of anything?

Past Self: ... I think I'm going crazy already.

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When I first found out about what a brony was, it was in December 2011 in a GameInformer magazine. It was a brony who had written in regarding another brony who overreacted when GI compared a game's frill frillyness to My Little Pony. GI got a lot of hate from them and there was a whole debacle about that. I was just sitting there, being 12, wondering why the hell any adults or teens were watching the show. But surprisingly I never judged them or thought badly of them like so many of my peers later did. So looking back, after getting over the shock of meeting me from one year in the future, really wouldn't mind. I'm just really proud of how I never called them "gay" or whatever being the 12 year old I was. Either that or it would end up like the time travel episode from season 2. I would try to stop myself from becoming a brony and then become a huge brony anyway. So basically completely passive or full on fuck-this-shit-you-won't-turn-me-into-one-of-you. But it's better I learn from Twilight and don't go back in time and do that whole thing!

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