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What are some things people wear today that Rarity would view as a crime against fashion?


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Consider me guilty as charged then, lol. I wear leggings as pants. :mlp_please:

I think Rarity would like most fashion now otherwise. A lot of people these days are more fashion conscious, so she would appreciate the effort that people would put into looking nice. Not that I would agree with her taste in fasion, I'm not big on how it looks now, but this is coming from a person who wears old clothes and has no idea how fashion really works, lol

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1 hour ago, Azureth said:

I think a big one would be the whole "leggings as pants" thing I see so often, I bet it would drive her crazy!

I don't know, they can be pretty stylish when done right. The problem is they're comfy like pajamas and enough women wore them to become acceptably commonplace. She probably wouldn't care for the lack of distinction and the overuse of them.

4 minutes ago, VG_Addict said:

I just wanna know what Rarity's reaction to socks and sandals would be.

Something tells me she makes a face but holds her tongue, because something about her dad tells me he definitely does that.

She surprised me with how open she is to different styles after losing most of her mane, but in Season 7 Episode 9's Honest Apple, she was accepting of a vast array of designer styles to her fashion show. If applejack just did something more with her mane and tail while wearing a bit of plaid and denim, I bet she wouldn't harp on her so much for being rural. She concerns herself with the effort put in by others, and the skill of matching and using various fabrics to make something that isn't sore on the eyes.

All that being said, she'd think it a crime to tuck in only one side of a shirt. All or none! :stressed:

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Paint splattered design, is one I can think of atm.  



I mean what the hell is this? To think people would pay for these pants when they can do it one themselves. 

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Tracksuits and sweat pants used as casual wear.

Suit jackets pared with shorts.

High heels and a tuxedo. 

Pea soup green polo shirts worn by the employees of Pick n' Save. 

Oh and sweater vests. 

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Rarity probably wouldn’t approve of Crocs. She would likely find them to be ugly and not able to match with any outfit. Knowing Rarity, though, she can make anything look good.

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