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If you HAD TO remove one emotion, what would it be?


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Anger would be tops on my disposable emotions list. It clouds all thought until nothing real or constructive gets through. After it fades I can see with my real brain, otherwise I’m just a useless monster, no better than what makes me mad.  

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On 2014-04-30 at 12:53 PM, SnipSnap said:

The feeling of butthurt. It took over 80% percent of the entire internet, and god, I just HATE IT.

Something I wish I could remove in others, I swear to Celestia! :laugh: and I "also think" hatred is a social/psychological sentiment formed by emotions of anger, sadness, distrust, fear... And "anxiety" is a mental disease not an "emotion", like if you're being "emotional" that's such a broad statement, it could mean I'm broken down in tears bc I "hate someone so much" it could mean I'm throwing fists and ranting and raving bc I.. "hate someone so much". But different emotional reactions to a psychological sentiment, hate could become a "state of mind" you think so commonly "goth girl trope", but when you are putting forth so much conscious effort into showing displeasure of things "in general" it kind of dilutes the actual sentiment of "hatred", hatred could be caused by adverse reaction to depression and anxiety,  hatred could also be caused by a manic bipolar fit... It's not an "outright emotion" as it can be and is expressed very differently in our society, some ppl treat those they "hate" with subtlety and trickery, others with outright verbal scolding and harsh criticisms that can't be contained... Now "anger" is a clear emotion, sadness is a clear emotion, I mean unless you are literally an insane psychopath who's body language and facial expressions and mannerisms dont match up with your clear outward emotional expressionism... 


I FORGOT TO MENTION : "Negative experience", we don't always "hate" things we severely dislike or that make us uncomfortable, a cat can hate a bath, a dog with boundless freedoms hates a leash, you "hate" a certain food, but this "social construct of hatred" (validation of ones own experiences or lack thereof) also helps us dilute the meaning of hatred, bc I may "hate butterscotch  pudding" but if I'm hungry and there's nothing else, just like when you need a truck bed to haul your new furniture over, but the "only person you know" is that uncle you "hate" you make the concession for your own personal development..

A lot of ppl DO NOT KNOW what it is like at all to "hate someone" they think everything in the world is "black and white" and anyone with a prejudice is an unjustified savage that you know DIDNT have his own life experiences or anything... Anger/vengeance INDUCED hatred, actual hate, not that Instinct that crosses over us when we see Flurry heart, there's no emotion in "hating like a troll" you are just cynical, not full of "hatred" lol

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It's definitely either greed, vengefulness, hatred, anxiety or boredom. If I'm removing the emotion from humanity, then probably hatred. If I'm removing it from myself, probably anxiety.

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Yeah, fear or envy. To clarify, irrational fear. Maybe anxiety fits that description better.

The latter is an awful emotion for an unsuccessful person in his 20s.

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From myself exclusively? Sadness. Whilst I'm too irrationally fearful all the time, having no fear at all would be rather dangerous. All emotions serve an important purpose, of course, but I feel sorrow and depression remove my ability to stay motivated through the fear and continue. They make me want to give up, mope, and ruminate. 

From all humanity though, I'd remove greed as I feel it is the principle reason for a lot of the suffering induced by capitalism. It may have some unforseen consequences, but at the very least, we may be able to share the wealth more equally. 

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