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    1. Welcome Plaza

      New ponies should introduce themselves here!

      But don't come trotting in with muddy hooves - that's what the welcome mat's for!

    2. Making Christmas Merrier VIII

      Each year around the holiday season, the entire Poniverse community rallies around one of our marquee events dedicated to providing a better Christmas to the young patients at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver Canada.

  2. My Little Pony

    1. MLP Generation 5 (G5)

      What comes next after Friendship is Magic? G5 launches this year with a movie and more. Hype!

    2. 15.1k
    3. Official MLP Comics & Books

      Discussion regarding IDW's My Little Pony comics, as well as other official MLP books and written works.

    4. Pony Life

      Discuss the newest installment of the the My Little Pony franchise. 

    5. Sugarcube Corner

      All pony talk that doesn't directly have to do with Friendship is Magic belongs here. Fandom discussions, merchandise, meetups -- you name it!

    6. Equestria Girls

      Everything to do with the Friendship is Magic spin-off series of movies and shorts, Equestria Girls!

    7. Classic Generations

      Celebrate the old school (pre-FiM) generations of My Little Pony here.

  3. Octavia's Hall - Fan art & more!

    1. Commissions

      Looking to buy some custom artwork? This is the place to go!

    2. Requestria

      Whether you're looking for a new avatar or to offer your artistic skills to other members, this is the place for you. This is for free requests of any media (text, music, drawings, etc.).

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  4. Roleplay World

    1. Ask a Pony

      Want to know other members and OC's better? Ask them questions here!
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    2. Everfree Planning, OOC & Discussion

      Plan, prepare, and discuss your roleplay here.
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    3. Everfree Roleplays

      All in-character roleplay topics belong here.

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  5. Events

    1. Forum Events

      Celebrate special events created for the MLPF community. Characters, holidays, and random shenanigans abound! 

    2. Golden Oaks Library

      Live and recorded fanfic readings will be found here

  6. Beyond Equestria

    1. General Discussion

      A friendly, pleasant and peaceful place where we all share stories, tell tales, and all around have a fun time.

    2. Media Discussion

      Movies, TV, video games, music, and more.

    3. Forum Games

      Pass the time and fight boredom with forum based games.
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    4. Forum Lounge

      A place to relax, shoot the breeze, and talk socially without the need to exchange too much information.
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  7. Canterlot: MLP Forums Meta

    1. Throne Room

      Important updates on the continuing development of MLP Forums are posted here.
      All members are expected to keep up with new topics here to remain informed of major changes that may affect them.

    2. Feedback

      Provide feedback on MLP Forums - tell us what you like, what you don't like, and what you think we can do better!

    3. Site Questions

      Got a question about MLP Forums? Ask here and the staff or community will assist!

    4. Support

      Technical support, Administration authorizations, Warning, Ban, and Moderation Disputes ... or any topic that you want to discuss with staff in a group setting without the community seeing. 

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    5. Testing Forum

      Please keep all test posts in this forum. Note that you will only be able to see your own topics.
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  8. Poniverse

    1. Canterlot Avenue   (5,557 visits to this link)

      The newest addition to Poniverse! Canterlot Avenue is the social media and roleplaying site. Mind the dust, and wear your hardhat, as it's still squeaky new in there.

    2. Pony.fm

      Come on in to talk about Pony.fm!
      Or visit Pony.fm itself: https://pony.fm/

    3. Ponyville Live!

      Ponyville Live! is the pony community's leader for live and streaming pony radio, video, podcasts, convention coverage, and much more. Join the community and chat about the best in pony media or share your own ideas!
      See Ponyville Live! here: http://ponyvillelive.com/

    4. Equestria.tv

      Friday Mare-a-Thons are a weekly event as old as the site itself! Grab a cider and chat with your fellow members while watching movies, videos, and ponies.
      Streaming here: https://equestria.tv/

    5. PoniArcade

      Poniverse's own Minecraft server! We've got survival, creative, and soon we'll be adding a brand new freebuild world! What are you waiting for? Come build with us!
      Server address: play.poniarcade.com (Supports Minecraft versions 1.8 through 1.12.)

    6. Gallery of Goodwill

      Know someone feeling down and needing some cheer? Are you an artist wanting to do good with their art? Drop by the Gallery of Goodwill and lend you support!

  9. Conventions

    1. Everfree Northwest

      Everfree Northwest is an annual convention for fans of MLP. Located in Seattle, WA, it's a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly event created by fans for fans of all ages.

    2. BABSCon

      BABSCon, the Bay Area Brony Spectacular located in Burlingame, CA, is a nonprofit organization established to promote the arts and culture surrounding the television show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    3. Project SEAPonyCon

      Project SEAPonyCon is Southeast Asia's most anticipated pony convention and the first pony convention in Asia to feature a VA in person!

    4. Old Convention Partners

      Older defunct conventions and their associated topics will be found here



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    • @Loud Opinion @ExplosionMare@abrony-mouse Magnolia silently followed after the trail of pedals. She would not want to eat a pedal from a flower anyways, the thought was quite strange. It made her imagine that someone he knew once could have aten a pedal from a flower and gotten sick. Magnolia would not risk such a thing. Without word she would acknowledge what Silver Tongue spoke of the books. It felt like Silver Tongue was testing and prodding at her and Starlight here. Magnolia assumed he had done this on purpose to see what they would do within their rooms. Magnolia would stop at the door and look to Starlight and Silver Tongue. Her cold eyes would look to Starlight first, and like a slow moving clock they moved to look Silver Tongue in the eye. "That of which you have not spoke of, I already know." she said, believing well enough this was some sort of set up to see how they would act.  With that said, she opened the door and headed in. Finally she could be alone in her thoughts like she always used to. She would sit on the bed and lament the thoughts of the day. It was definitely something that she never experienced before. Meeting a strange cultist mare, fighting mysterious beasts in a dark wood, and saving the lives of two others. She lay on the bed. She could never sleep from the never-ending nightmares she had.  Remembering the books, she'd grab onto the books with her magic. The real ones, at least according to Silver Tongue's description. She layed on her back, crossing her legs as she brought the first book from the left above her head. Then with satisfying book opening sound, she opened the book and began to read.
    • My Favourite Mane 6 Pony Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums? ‘Round the internet How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic I loved it when I was younger and now I still love it! Hi! My name is Dawn Glow, and this is my story. A young Unicorn Named Callisto was in her cottage when she heard crying outside.  She listened for the sound which led her to the everfree forest. Scared as she was, she walked in to see what was going on. A small baby unicorn, with rainbow flowing hair and lavender eyes lay in the cradle. Even though she only just graduated in magic, she knew that she needed to help. She picked up the young unicorn and raised her as her own. She now attends Twilight’s school of friendship And loves to talk about her amazing world. so… That’s me I guess! A attached photo of my mom is below
    • I have only one thing to say: Isn't the average movie audience tired of nothing but 3D animated movies being mainstream? It used to be something unique, now everyone and their grandma can make it.
    • My issue about this is not really the butts themselves, but how disproportionate the pony design seem to look. Their overall body shape is kind of off-putting, and it looks like the ponies are perpetually stretching their back hooves. This is much different to the balanced look of the G4 ponies, where the front side and the back side were fairly well proportioned. This overall is making pony designs look less aesthetically pleasing.
    • I always thought that Celestia's mane changed to a Rainbow/Aurora color scheme when she gained her power to control the sun. In the first episode of MLP, once they defeated Nightmare Moon. Princess Luna's mane was completely different from the one we know now, it didn't have the flowing night star color scheme and such. But once she came back during the 1st Nightmare Night episode, her hair was changed to the flowing mane that we're used to now. So I would assume that the Celestia and Luna's manes are more than likely connected to their powers to rise and lower the sun/moon? Who knows the real reason? But that's pretty much just a silly head canon of mine, but I think it would be a very good explanation as for why their manes are different.
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