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    • The results are in! March 2024's theme was Winter Wrap Up. The community voted for their favorite submissions, which you can see below!
      1st Place - @Rafa Stary
      2nd Place - @Wizard
      Honorable Mentions
      @Brony Number 42
      @Luna the Great of all the Russias
      @Lawyer Slip
      Thank you everyone so much for all of your wonderful submissions, and thank you to all who participated in community voting!
      We are in the process of granting badges to winners, so please stay tuned for that. You can also check out our new April 2024 Art Contest!
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    • Welcome to the MLP Forums April 2024 Visual Art contest

      Visual Art contests will start every other month. In some months there may be a theme, and that may be a character, a general emotion, holiday, or prompt.

      The theme for this month is:



      Create artwork focusing on the official pet(s) of any canon characters (no OC's!) in the franchise (any generation allowed)

      Canon characters may be in the artwork too, but the main focus should be on the pet(s)

      When submitting, please say which pet(s) are represented so we can confirm they are official pet(s) of characters

      All members of MLPF are eligible including staff

      No AI art will be accepted, however it can be used for initial inspiration



      Submissions will close on April 25th, 2024.



      Voting will be open from April 26th - 30th, 2024. Afterwards, voting will be finalized and results will be posted as soon as we are able to share them.



      Winners will be granted the Canterlot Artist Rank and Badge. All entries will be eligible to receive an Art Achievement Bronze Badge. Future participation will count toward Silver and Gold Art Badges.


      Submit Here or you can use the top navigation menu to add a submission.


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    • Voting for March 2024 Art Contest! 

      Thank you so much to all who participated in the March 2024 Art Contest! If you didn't get the chance to participate don't worry, we will be hosting a new art contest in the near future!

      Here are the submissions we received. Please vote for your favorite using the poll above!



      Submission 1


      Submission 2


      Submission 3


      Submission 4


      Submission 5


       Submission 6


       Submission 7


      Voting for the March 2024 Art Contest will be open from 3/27/24 - 4/1/24! 
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    • Hey everypony, I'm a Poniverse dev and I figured I should give some sort of update here now that I had the opportunity to investigate the issue. I'll do so as well on the corresponding GitHub issue. First and foremost, thank you to everyone for reporting the issue and for your brief investigative work. Pony.fm is open-source software after all, so everyone's contributions are welcome and appreciated! On the backend, there appeared to be some data issue that was leading to missed queries. I still don't know the extent of the issue, but the mitigation is pretty simple.   Night Blaze, your report helped me investigate your profile's issue and it was the first one I was able to unblock. I'm glad you noticed. That's an excellent track!   We appreciate your patience with us as we work to unblock as much as possible. ~Comp
    • Abigail - Another home run from Radio Silence. Equal parts hilarious and thrilling. Tons of laughs and brutal carnage. I had a blast. 8.5 out of 10.
    • the other day i was a little upset as a joke and my friends told me to take a deep breath in and then out. instead of brrathing our, i went into a fit of coughing and everyone at my table started laughing! :3
    • Welcome on the forums! I hope you're going to enjoy your stay and meet a lot of new friends! If you should have questions, please feel free to reach out! we're more than happy to help you out! 
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    • North Star

      Searching through snow
      For the javelin I had not
      Meant to throw right at you
      For if it had hit its mark
      There'd be blood in the place where you stood

      It's a terrible thought to have and hold

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    • North Star

      ponies grazing, Derpy being Derpy, and the most real life portion of this story (and its inspiration)
      Crafty Crate returns to the thinking spot in the ditch, his eyes mournfully drawn to his watch.

      ’12:30’ it declares, with the other delays, they were now over an hour late. There would be no drinks at the Sky Anchor tonight.

      Mind blanking, his light brown ears unwillingly take in the sounds of the unfamiliar world: the quacking of ducks and the chirping of a moorhen cuts through the gentle tinkle of fountains from Kimono’s gardens. Into this soundscape another, more irritating, sound cuts in.

      “Quit chompin’ so loud, will you.”

      “Oh. Sorry bo’th!” Derpy replies, mouth full of grass. “It’sh jusht sho tashty.”

      He shoos her, and she contently ambles away down the ditch, cropping the grass, which she notices has been allowed to grow long.

      ‘All the more for me’ she thinks happily.

       Freed from distraction, Crafty Crate racks his brain for a solution, but seems to be confounded at every turn by the problem of not being able to fly or to call for assistance from local friendly Pegasi – those two recourses had been the solution to virtually all the many delivery hiccups he had had.

      Idly, he gazes at Derpy, feeling jealous of her care-free attitude.

      ‘No quotas for her. No overheads. We both know I’ll fire her when we get back, but what’s that matter to her? At times like this, it almost makes me envious.’

      Derpy, noticing him gazing at her, swallows her mouthful.

      “This patch is so good – I can’t believe they left it. Do you think they don’t eat grass here?”

      With a withering sigh, he turns away and the grinding, munching sound resumes.

      It’s as he looks at Derpy’s hooves, fetlocks unkempt and hooves ill-shod, that Crafty gets an idea.

      “I’ve got it!” he says, causing her to flick an ear at him, but not cease grazing.

      “Stop acting like a damn sheep and find some stones or wood.”

      Derpy swallows her mouthful.

      “Rocks and wood boss?”

      Biting back an insult, he patiently explains that they need something to grit their hooves, to prevent them slipping. They will put grit and wood on the bank so that their hooves have purchase to.

      “Got it boss.”

      It is as both ponies are looking for these items, that they notice a timid blue presence watching them from the garden gate.

      “I… couldn’t help overhearing. You need stones and wood to unstick the wagon?” Ocean Mist’s voice quavers.

      Crafty nods.

      She holds out some timbers from Kimono’s wood store.

      “Will these do?”

      “Can’t hurt.” Crafty says gruffly, causing Ocean’s ears to fall.

      “Hey, thanks.” Derpy offers.

      Crafty unceremoniously puts them in place.

      “I’ll know where there’s some stones!”

      Ocean runs off, soft hooves gliding over the ground.

      After a little while, a track of stones and wood line both sides of the wagon.

      “Right. Again.”

      Crafty commands, and both he and Derpy put their shoulders to the wagon. Ocean Mist, too nervous to offer to push with them, hops from hoof to hoof, hoping that her efforts have been enough.

      This time, their hooves do engage better with the ground, the wood and stones proving to be somewhat effective and the wagon does begin to move. Unfortunately, the weight of the wagon proves to be too great for the soft earth, even gritted in this way, so that Crafty and Derpy’s hooves merely push it out the way.

      After a number of tries, during which Ocean’s hopeful smile gets thinner and thinner, Crafty declares defeat.

      sheesh I've got the writing bug today for sure. This Crafty and Derpy dynamic is intoxicating!
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    • Woohoo

      What band is this?
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    • Sparklefan1234

      The Out-Of-Towner MLP:EQG

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    • Astralshy  »  Shiny Silvermoon

      back for baked goods 
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    • Twilight Luna

      Poor Celestia! 

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