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What's Your Catchphrase?!


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I know when I'm expressing dislike in something, I'll often describe it as "Not gnarly." :D I usually only do that when I'm talking though, because it's goofy and kind of a habit that I have no idea how I obtained :D


I usually don't even realize I do it in a group call until Champ or someone points it out :D

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"Well hello there!"


"Not in front of the food."


"Dammit man!"


"It's like the Jetson's and some s**t."


"It's not being lazy ... It's perpetually postponing entropy!"

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Mine would be "What if?" followed by a crazy idea.

I love philosophizing about stuff ^^


But what if that's not my best catchphrase, and I'm just idealizing the idea I'm striving to achieve?

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"ya feeeeel meh"

a long "yeeeeeeaaaaaah" can be one

"ya tit"

"crab it to the butternuts" yes I stole this one

singing "we are family" to my friends

lots of face expressions I make since I don't tend to talk much unless I explain something

I usually say "welp.." or "welp... shit..." or "helloz C:" or "oh mai O_O" or "I'm ganna crai" usually as a joke because if I was crying for real I wouldn't even be mentioning it XD

I use "fabulous" a lot

now I tend to use "douchedick" a lot XD after seeing it on a funny post

and a LOT of adventure time crap like the one I stole XD also like "glob it" oh "dang it flip" or "are you flippin kidding me" or weird noises and stuff XD

I also steal stuff from other shows too like mlp for example "THE *blank* IS DOUBLED!" or "IT IS ON" or "AW COME ON!" XD etc.

sometimes I sing certain songs and such

and some other stuff in spanish XD

I also say lots of stuff relating to memes as well

Oh and last.... DONT GET MAD GET GLAD! :D

I also forgot "EHMERGED!"

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Well I don't often stick to a catchprase but I will try..




Wait I'm a unicorn or cat? nope I'ma Unikitty :D (Dat, Lego movie reference XD)




Haters gonna hate




you may rule me however I rule myself (how does that work?)






Some people really do try to harm others in that there self (I only said this once actually)



Just try be happy don't let the bad get to you ^-^




okay that is all. :3

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It used to be "Don't worry about it", said in a really smug way. That was back in my early high school years.


Now I guess it would be something along the lines of "... except when it's not", as in "Everyday is great at your Junes... except when it's not." Or "I always know all the answers... except when I don't"


Then there's the other phrases like: "Nuts..." for when something goes wrong and "Oh, you bastard" when I lose but had a lot of fun losing.

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I've got a few, 


"Hey.......how's it going?"


"Got somethin' on your mind?"


"Yikes.......that's something"


"Is that a challenge?"


Also, I got one in particular when i win something:





.........yeah, may sound like John McClane and his "Yippee-Ki-Yay" but I changed it.  ;)

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"I need a moment..." (then promptly walk away for ~5 seconds)

"Oh frabjous day..." (facetious remark to a really annoying task)

"I'm done." (giving up on a task / rage quit)

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Well, there are things I say (a lot):



"Aww yeah!" — for whenever something good happens

"Nice" or "Awesome" — when somepony tells me of successes they've achieved

"Wow" — this would probably be my catchphrase because I say it all the time: when I'm actually surprised or sarcastically



"Eh" — means "sure; I guess" in responce to a yes/no question

"Ugh" — means "dang it"



"****" — when I drop something or what I'm trying to do doesn't pan out

"You [insert expletive of choice]!!" (mostly 'mother******' or '******') — when things get worse

"**** YOU!!!!!!" — when every other course of action has been exhausted


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"On it, boss."


"Oh, this will not do at all" in as good of a British accent as I can muster






"Not my finest work."

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I've said things before like


"Take it easy, killer!"


"Oh lawdy."


and for some reason,


"Explain this sh*t, Microsoft!"

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