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Are you prepared for the hurricane season?


Hurricane Season: Potential Tropical Storms and Hurricanes  

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  1. 1. Are you prepared for the hurricane season with potential tropical storms and hurricanes?

    • Yes, I'm prepared for potential tropical storms and hurricanes.
    • No, I'm not prepared for potential tropical storms and hurricanes.

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Because we have tropical storms and hurricanes during the hurricane season from June 1st to November 30th each year, are you prepared for the hurricane season? We have most of the hurricanes around in the month of September in the Atlantic Ocean. When you live near the beach before the hurricane makes landfall, we have storm surges with ocean waters raised by the storm, so I'll tell you all to drive or fly away from the beach area as quickly as possible.

Last year, my home city was impacted by Hurricane Harvey, it made landfall in Texas at Category 4 status and we had high water floods around the city of Houston, but my house didn't get flooded so I stayed safe at home along with my family with a break from school for 10 school days (or 2 school weeks). Hurricane Irma impacted the Caribbean Islands and Florida with major flooding and damage; and Hurricane Maria knocked out all the power in Puerto Rico and leaving the whole island powerless for a few months.

I believe all of you are going to be prepared for the hurricane season because it is important that you prepare for yourselves for potential tropical storms and hurricanes based on its path on where you live. I will continuously track tropical cyclones in the Atlantic area during the hurricane season. Hurricane categories are based on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (SSHWS), the tropical cyclone must have at least 74 mph to attain a hurricane status, major hurricanes are Category 3 or higher with 110 mph sustained winds, and Category 5 hurricanes have sustained winds exceeding 156 mph.

As of yesterday, Tropical Storm Aletta was formed in the Pacific Ocean and it became a first named storm of the 2018 Pacific hurricane season. They expect that to become a hurricane in a few days later.

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Information on Tropical Storm Aletta
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Thankfully I live far away enough from the Gulf Coast that even if they do make their way up here, they're pretty much just a long period of rain.

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We don't have to deal with this type of problems in Italy, though it happened that a hurricane hit my town two years ago, and of course nobody was prepared/was expecting it to happen.
We're more of earthquake people, just to say!:lol:
Anyway, good luck to all of you people! May no hurrican harm you or damage your stuff.

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Nope, not at all. :mellow: Us Floridians have a tendency to wait til last minute to actually "prepare". And by last minute I literally mean last minute :lol: 

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I try my best to be prepared for hurricanes. I always maintain a decent supply of fuel for my generators. I'll periodically fire up both then drain the carburetors. I usually have enough canned and frozen food to last a while. Same with water.

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There have been too many storms lately here. The weather is changing, globally. It is getting, not only annoying, but also challenging. I might have to start prepare for these "hurricanes" soon if it keeps up like this! :wau:

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