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Who else prefers the night?

Commander Shep-herd

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Thanks to 2 years of night shifts I had, I tend to be more active at night, rather than during the day. :P

Also it's easier to focus on things, as the world is quiet and there's not much that could distract me.

Nights also are more comfy, I suppose. :P

The night will last forever!

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I live a very nocturnal lifestyle.

My day starts at 2pm and ends usually around 6am. Unless I get distracted and stay up longer than intended. Which then leads me to getting up later in the afternoon. :mlp_laugh:

Certain nights when it's not cold, it's nice to stand out in the garden and look up at the moon and the stars. The more I stare up at them, the more they feel like they're pulling me up. There's also something magical about the twilight. The colour of the sky. That sort of thing. But thanks to the night, it usually gives me the space to be myself and to get work done. No constant feeling that somebody is looking over my shoulder.

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I am a night person. I sleep better during daytime as long as there are no noise to disturb me.


I think I can get the best out of the night. But it is depressing in the long run! I prefer the day and sunbutt! :sunbutt:

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AH ! Finally somepony is asking the good questions !!
I love the night, so calm, so fresh, so invigorating ! The moon, the stars, the absence of other human being, the little sound made by the animal of the night.
Everything feels so perfect, the night is amazing ! :orly:

And there is Luna of course :orly:

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Batpone here, eeeeeeee~!

I prefer night time because most stupid people are quiet, and is also a lot fresher than day time. Besides, natural light can hurt my eyes, so night time also means less eye sore for me. It might sound in-character, but I mean the eye sore thing.

Besides, all the spooky stuff happens at night! :derp:

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