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What did you accomplish today?

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My boss at subway makes us pay back money to him if the register is short. On friday the register was short ten dollars, so split between all of us we have to pay $1.43. The amount is due today, and I managed to find that $1.43. But I found it all in pennies. So his bitch ass can count all of it. HAHA! And I'm not sure him making us do that is legal either. But still, that is my accomplishment of the day.



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Done half of a test... now to be continued on Friday. (Now to find the anwsers... oh I can't remember any of the questions)


Deeper understanding of the rpg engine I am trying to make.

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Helped the nurses restrain a guy that was high on something... Probably cocaine.


Installed the peripheral access device because I was the weakest in the room and we needed the others to keep him subdued..


Sent him off to the ITU, while profusely thanking the resident at the ITU for so graciously receiving the damn patient.


Paperwork. Lots of it.


Went to my room and about two minutes later a nurse calls me. I tell her that yes, she can give dipyrone to a patient in the infirmary if it's in the prescription.


Posted some things in the forum.


Came here to whine/tell you guys to not get sick in Brazil. The health system might kill you.

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I have done nothing productive, I completely wasted my day by the stove. I was just baking pancakes all day. I ate pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner c:. I think I ate too much pancakes. - And I don't regret it, not at all. Well, maybe a little. It 5:10 AM - And I'm still not sleeping. Now, as I write I feel a sense of dejavu, and a little dizzy - it's the pancakes, they're making me sick.

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