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What would you do with $70 000 000?


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There is a lotto winning jack potted to 70 million AUD (Australian Dollars) for division one prize pool


Now my question to all of you guys is... (well, to whoever even bothers to read this) 


What would you do with all that money?


I would probably spend it on holidays, gifts, dream car(s) and a nice house! ^_^

But anyone could put that into greater detail of course :P


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I'd do the taxes, Invest it all in something that keeps slightly above inflation, keep 10 mil for myself to live off of, and donate the rest.


It's not enough to do my dreams.  (approx 3x109 for the small one 30x109 for the medium one and 60x109 for the big one.)

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Ditto. I'm investing half of it, hopefully wisely, giving myself six million, and spreading the rest around between friends, family, and charities. I definitely don't need a lot of money to live. I barely eat out, I barely go adventuring, I DEFINITELY don't need a big house or a fancy car. I just want to sit in the house and read and exercise, and learn.


A simple life.

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More wind instruments! And G3 ponies. =P


I would surely give some to my parents, too, though, for giving me such a good life, and perhaps some to my friends who are struggling right now.

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I'll probably spend a portion worming my way out of my currently sticky situation, and even improve my life style by a little bit. Then, the rest i'll donate - not because i'm overly generous, but because i wouldn't know what to spend it on eventually, so why not give it to someone who would?

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If I won money like that I would first buy a small house, pay off my car, and quit my job. I would also give friends and family $50,000 each immediately to help pay off debts (more would come later when I figure things out).


Next I would spend time figuring out how to best invest the rest and work on getting a pilot's license.


I would look for some property away from the city (But still in Michigan) and build a nice barn/warehouse type building that would be used for nice cars and have an attached stable for a couple horses. I would make off-roading trails through the property.


Over the next few years I would want to start a charity organization that would build small decent houses for people in need that would be raffled off or something. I would also buy some nice small houses around the country and spend time between them. I don't care much for living in giant houses and would rather have a few smaller places. I would also start a classic car collection. I maybe would open a classic car restoration shop and a restaurant too. Of course I would like to get married and have kids also.


As for my time- I would spend a lot of it helping to build the houses for charity. I would also do a lot of traveling and attending classic car auctions like Barrett-Jackson and Mecum.  I would also do a lot of off-roading (Trucks, ATVs, Dirtbikes, etc), Boating/Jet-skiing, and flying.


Well I'm sure there's more but this is a start.

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I'd buy a shitload of MLP merch, build a badass computer for me and all my friends, eat out everyday. Explore other countries. Watch movies in theaters, I could go on all day, I'd never run out of fun stuff to do.

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- Build a decent-sized house (not a mansion or anything like that)


- Buy some of the fanciest furniture


- Buy a vintage Aston Martin DB5


- Built a really powerful gaming PC (AND LOTSA VIDYA GAMES!!!)


- Get a 4K Ultra HD TV with surround-sound


- Get a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (for the exclusives and media-playback)




- Taxes, bills, all that stuff

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I can think of a few things:


- Travel the world, seeing the countries I've always wanted to see, like New Zealand

- Buy a Yacht to travel the world

- Buy a big TV to go in the Yacht

- Buy the latest gadgets and gizmo's to go in the Yacht

- Buy a house... I guess

- Buy a Football team (Soccer) 

- Then I guess save the rest :lol:


The normal stuff :D

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The funny thing is, the people who won the lottery are usually the ones who end up bankrupt in a few years. It's about learning how to spend your money without getting the shaft from insurance and taxes.


The top post in the Reddit thread basically sums up how easy it is to fail.


With the 65051350 USD that I would have won from the lottery, I would probably move to Kansas City, into a modest-sized house. Google Fiber will definitely be a must.


Me being a computer hardware enthusiast and "guy who wants to entertain people", I would definitely invest in building two computers–one to game on, and one to capture and broadcast the video feed from the first computer. I would also probably invest in a Black Magic 4K Production Camera, a lav mic, 3-point lighting, and a white backdrop, because schmancy.


Expensive cars? Nah. The cost to keep them insured would be astronomical.


I would also do all my clothes shopping at Nordstrom.


With the 64 million left over, I would help out my family.

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Uh...how about anything I want? Seriously, that's more than most people will ever see in their entire lives. 


First, I would split it about a dozen different ways for various reasons. One of those ways would be paying off debts like school fees, gifting a huge chunk to my parents for having put up with me over the years, possibly even paying off their mortgage in one go and the like. After that would be the investment of a state of the art security system.


In terms of spending, I probably wouldn't go too over board. I'd buy a nice house for myself, not mansion sized but something more modest, and invest in my dream: having my own media entertainment room. I'm talking the biggest and best HD TV you can find, every console on the market, an entire wall devoted to a huge collection of games and movies, maybe a few arcade cabinets here and there, comfy couches and chairs for guests, the best computer money can buy and the well paid assistance of multiple electricians so I don't blow every fuse in the country and/or burn my house down.


After that I would mostly just enjoy myself. Maybe travel, go to conventions, what ever I want by that point.

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  1. Pay off all of my delinquent bills.

Buy a house.

Pay for the rest of my schooling.

Put away money for my son's education.

Get Lasik.

Go to Project A-kon, EverFree Northwest, and (if they're still around) a Star Trek con.

Attend every Seattle Seahawks game and playoff game (if applicable that year).

Visit Scotland.

Invest the rest in gold and silver.

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I would buy a decent sized house.

I would build a super computer.

I would hire two private detectives and make then spy on each other.

I would buy the next 10 peoples groceries.

I would buy a merry-go-round and buy a rocket.. you see where I'm going with this.. >:D
I would go skydiving.

I would rent an island.

I would Interview a Wal-Mart greeter as if I want to put him in a paper for his life accomplishments. Send the write-up to my local paper because you know it will end up way interesting. Everyone has a story.

I would Hijack a local radio station and tell the audience that I'm kidnapping the DJ until he gives me the concert tickets.

Not sure how much this would cost so far.. so I'll stop here.

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