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Weird/Unusual things You Find Cute

Blue Moon

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Oddly enough it is Snakes, I do find snakes to actually be cute some of the time. How can you not think that that is cute.


Or even that


omg i find snakes cute too...my parents think im completely nuts for thinking it through lol

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I find guys being turned into girls extremely cute, for some reason... I'd just want to snuggle them 5V3cZ7.png to death~ jyuUJu.png


Also, goats. o3o



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While i hate RL bugs i find zerglings from SC adorable specially when they are a million of them rushing and destroying your enemies bases xD

so adorable *squee*


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Um... This might sound creepy and superawkward, but I think it's kind of cute when people sleep??? Or when anything sleeps, really. Sleep is such a peaceful state of every living creature, I find it very adorable to see any living being in that state. It's like seeing everyone being as harmless as they can be when they're sleeping. Sorry, I promise I'm not a creep..  :rarity:   I hope that somepony out there understand what I really mean.




Oh and I absolutely love moths. Moths are adorable!


And deer are the cutest creatures there is, but I'm pretty sure that's not unusual for people to think. They're my favorite animal.

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Hahah, sorry but no way XD


EDIT: XD wrong thread '-_- this is so embarassing XD




anyway I also think ant-bears are cute. Just sayin' XD

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I like to watch people sleep (it's not creepy x3) Especially when they look very peaceful and are really quite but then once in a while they give a really loud snore :lol: I find that one of the cutest things.


I also think that worms are cute.. They just wiggle around so adorable  ^_^

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Stingrays. I don't know why, but I just love their doofy faces  :P  there's also a few videos on youtube of them 'dancing,' and its friggin' adorable! I seriously want 2 as pets someday

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I think lizards are adorable~!
Which is probably why my friend gave me a weird look when I caught the one that had somehow gotten into the classroom.
​Even the teacher was surprised when I did that.

The thing was tiny, cute, and harmless. Not as small as the baby lizards I've had to catch and put outside for grandma though.

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