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Drinks you dislike that everyone else likes?


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Any hard alcohol; I can’t even swallow that stuff. Even if I liked it (which I can’t imagine) I’d never get it down my throat without gagging on it. Beer isn’t much better; it tastes like sick greyhound urine (please don’t ask how I would know that) and it isn’t worth the journey. Espresso is too strong and too bitter to handle, and doesn’t even give me the jolt I want.

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I drink so few things compared to others so I could probably write a book. =/

I dropped sugary (and sweetened at all) drinks over half a decade ago. So anything under that category fits (sodas, juice). I don't drink anything alcoholic. I'm allergic to milk. The only kind of tea I like is mint tea.

I drink a lot of sparkling water, but can give an answer there, too: Not a big fan of La Croix. I think every flavor it has another company does better. I don't know what it is. Perhaps it's because their flavors tend to be a bit stronger whereas others are more subdued. The only La Croix I regularly drink is Orange, but I prefer Bubly Orange, it's just so darn hard to find anymore.

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Four Loko - I love a good fruit flavored beer, but I tried a sour apple Four Loko once and it was so disgusting, I think I got my garbage disposal drunk when I dumped it. :yuck: It wasn't the caffeinated version, but still, I don't know how anyone could drink that. 

Big Red - For those not familiar, it's a cream soda from 1937, comes in different flavors. When I first tried it, I was expecting fruit punch; instead, it tasted like I French kissed Him from PPG.

Chai - I can do most unsweetened teas, but not chai. It tastes like burnt hair. 

Coffee, energy drinks, and certain brands of soda.


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Honestly, soda in general. I stopped drinking it when I was 15, mostly for health reasons, but after trying it again recently, I just don't enjoy it anymore.

Other than that, beer. I'm not much of drinker anyways, but I can't stand the taste of it. I can tolerate other types of alcohol. :p

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I don't *hate* beer, but it's not something I go out of my way to get. I still stand by my statement that Corona is piss beer, but give me a Heineken or Modelo and I wouldn't say no

Now energy drinks(Like Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar), I don't know how anyone can stomach that garbage, let alone drink so much of it, not to mention how horrible it is for you

And lastly....the Mexican drink Jamaica, it's not objectively bad for you, it just tastes really gross and I don't know how my parents can stomach it

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The first that comes to mind is Cola. Whether it be Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or some other brand, I can only tolerate the flavour. I've never understood how it got to be the most popular flavour. I like fruity flavours the most. Root beet and cream soda is good too.

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