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How do you visit the forum?


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Well I'm always useing my phone like for creating this post. Only once did I have to use my IPad for MLP forms when I was having problems with my phone. I really only use my extremely powerful Dell PC if I need to post images and I can only use it for MLP forms when I'm home alone because of the fact that I'm secretly on the forms and where the PC is. :)

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As this is a non-brony or MLP topic it has been moved to General Discussion.


And to answer your question I typically visit either from my home or work computer. I try to avoid visiting it on mobile unless needed.

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PC...wait, your telling me i can get on here with my phone?!?!? the only thing i have found so far is the poniville live app...

gotta remmember login password to get on it though...darn complicated passwords, always being hard to hack, harder to remember...lol

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