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What is your most famous post you think


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The post I made on the 'Who here on the forums would you hug or brohoof in real life' thread was pretty popular, with ~25 brohoofs in total ... you know what, I'm gonna update that, add some other fellows that I would hug/brohoof. :P Also I swear there was another post that had just as much ... ah well.


[ Linkie link ]

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It was wayyyyy back, and since I just woke up 20 minutes ago, I'm too lazy to find the link right now :D

It was in early November, and it was on a topic questioning Rarity's generosity that had turned into being a bit of an anti-Rarity circle jerk. So, essentially, I got frustrated and just made a list on the spot naming every time on the show she's done something generous for another pony :D 

I kept adding on to it and on to it, expanding it past the list of the generous things she's done to essentially create a list that tells me how to nullify any unfair Rarity hate, but the original list I posted of just the generous things she's done got upwards of 30 brohoofs, if I recall :D

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These are my most famous posts IMHO



This is my most famous post so far, and it will be for a very long time (it's locked though -_-)



It's the very first post on this page, the one that points out a swatstika in Discord's maze XD

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I only have two "popular posts"


Post All Your Funny Pony Pictures Here


I posted a Snickers Meme featuring Twilight Sparkle


Post a Picture of Yourself


I posted a picture of myself in costume

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I think my First FanFic, if I going on brohoofs, but some funny posts in "Count to one million" too XD

Just go through my brohoofs and find out, that, with 7 brohoofs, the first post here is my most popular post



and now, it's 8 :o

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If I could find it, definitely the silly idea that my penis would fall off if I stand in front of a microwave. Something like that in the Things you believe as a 5-year old thread.

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