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McDonald's or Burger King?

Akemi Homura

Which do you prefer, McDonald's or Burger King?  

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  1. 1. McDonald's or Burger King?

    • McDonald's
    • Burger King

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A guy left a McDonald's burger in a jar. It didn't start spoiling until 3 years after he put it in there.


So, really, I'd prefer Wendy's. McD's may have ponies, but I certainly ain't gonna ruin my health over a TOY.



Wendy's>Five Guys>Checkers>BK>McD's



Five Guys>Checkers>Wendy's>BK>McD's


Wendy's and all the others at least have REAL MEAT, and I only eat the Chicken Club and fries from Wendy's anyways, and while it is fried food, it's good and it's NOT FAKE.

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Zoop's Fast Food Hierarchy


Bottom Tier



Burger King



Mid Tier


Jack in the Box




Top Tier


Dairy Queen

Carl's Jr

Five guys*


Not really fast-food, I guess, but hell - good stuff.


They opened a Five Guys 3 minutes away from my house. Foodgasm.


It's too bad that the line is always 10 minutes long there.

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McDonald's has (well, will have) MLP toys. It wins for that alone.


Between the two all I really eat is fries, and I definitely prefer McDonalds. I also like McDonald's biscuits.

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I prefer McDonald's but I don't go to Burgher King enough to have developed a fair opinion of it.


Aw yeah! I have LRP on my side! Haha. Well I prefer Mc Donald's because of the simple reason that I think their food tastes the best. I like burger king too but the golden M wins.
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I like them both, but the only Burger King in my area is terrible. McDonald's is okay, their smoothies are epic, and they have da pony toys! So my loyalty is with five guys, problem?


You have loyalty to Five Guys? Is that a problem?? Hell no it isn't, Five Guys trumps everything! It may be expensive but you are paying for what you get; good quality food.


But if I had to choose between Burger Doodle and McRonalds, I would choose the golden arches.

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Mac ids all the way for me :)


I don't think there is a burger king anywhere near where I live :P


I can only remember having it once in my life ><


Oh yeah, and Ronald McDonald is awesome

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I prefer McDonnalds fries (i'm a fan of the floppy fry as apposed to the crunchy one) and i prefer their coffee and the chicken nuggets, but for burgers i prefer Burger King. I had a Burger King nearly every college day (3 days a week) for a year :D

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McDonald's because it's the first fast food place I've ever eaten at, but I prefer eating my burgers at Wendy's.


Burger King's okay to me.

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BK! I do like a Big Mac every now and again though....


I like Hardee's more than both, though.


I love my burgers ♥

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Burger king is better but I haven't eaten there as much as Mc Donalds because of convience I should go to buger king more often.

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I used to prefer Burger King over McDonalds since all that Mickey D's delivered on a good food area was their fries; seriously, that's it. But just today someone picked me up some Burgerking burgers. Lo and behold, they were god awfully dry; there was no sauce like mayo! And the patties were thin as cardboard and smaller than the patty by 3/4 of its size.


Still like Burger King, but sheesh. I expected better from them. Well, there's always the king of burgers 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.


Pic related, their awesome meal.


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